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Photo by Bishnu M Basumatary, CC BY-SA 3.0

The 10 Best Places to Visit in Assam, India

The north-eastern Indian state of Assam is a beautiful and very tourist-friendly place. Enclosed by the Himalayan mountain range, the Brahmaputra plains, Bangladesh, and Bhutan, Assam is the most easily-accessible state of this region. The hospitality in Assam is otherworldly, where the locals meet and greet with the travellers in a friendly fashion.

A heaven for animal and nature lovers, Assam is a biodiversity hot spot with tropical forests, grasslands, deciduous forests, wetlands, and numerous groves of bamboo. The Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and the Kaziranga National Park are UNESCO world heritage sites and home to a wealth of rare and vulnerable species of numerous animals and birds.

If you are planning to visit this stunning state soon, we highly recommend these ten must-see places:

1. Jorhat

Photo by Bishnu M Basumatary, CC BY-SA 3.0

Jorhat is often called the ‘cultural capital’ of the state and has been an important city since the period of the Ahom Dynasty. Enjoy the vibrant and colourful landscape of Jorhat by visiting the bazaars and the tea plantations. Visit the Gymkhana Club and the Kakochang waterfalls to make your trip to Jorhat truly unforgettable.

2. Majuli Island

Photo by Kalai Sukanta, CC BY 2.0

Majuli Island exemplifies the stunning beauty of nature and hospitality of the locals. This river island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a dwelling to numerous threatened and scarce species of birds and animals. Numerous satras, Kamalabari Satra, Auniati Satra, and the Dakhinpat Satra are famous places in Majuli. The culture and tradition of Majuli will provide you with the opportunity to seep deep into the island life and have an experience like never before.

3. Sivasagar

Photo by HSarma, CC BY-SA 3.0

Known for its monuments and ancient palaces, Sivasagar is a multi-cultural city. Situated 360 kilometres from Guwahati, this place has tanks or man-made lakes like Joysagar, Rudrasagar, and Gaurisagar which attract tourists. Rang Ghar, which is a historical amphitheatre, and the Talatal Ghar Palace are must visits here. If you are in the mood to click some beautiful pictures, pay a visit to the Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary and to be mesmerised by the flocks of migratory birds around you as you capture them on the reel.

4. Kaziranga National Park

Photo by Diganta Talukdar, CC BY 2.0

Kaziranga National Park boasts the presence of two-thirds of the world’s total population of the relatively rare one-horned rhinoceroses. The delight at Kaziranga is not just the presence of the majestic rhinoceroses, though. You will find Indian swamp deer, Indian muntjac, Indian tigers, leopards, jungle cats, and the Wild Asiatic water buffalo in this biodiversity rich region. Safaris and guided tours are provided inside and near the Kaziranga National Park for visitors.

5.Kamakhya Temple

Photo by Kunal Dalui, CC BY-SA 3.0

Kamakhya Temple is an important Hindu pilgrimage site located on the Nilachal Hill in Guwahati. An old ‘Shakti Pitha, it is one among the fifty-one such temples spread throughout the country. The ancient adhisthana of this temple point to its original Nagara style of architecture and its dome-shaped roofs present the newer architectural styles. The ambience at the temple is lively and religious and you would not be able to keep yourself from its distinct aura when you come here.

6. Halflong

Photo by Thoiba Paonam, CC BY-SA 4.0

Situated 1683 feet from ground level, Halflong is a must visit destination in Assam. This hill station is widely popular among locals as well as tourists. The Halflong lake at the center of the town is well known for its beauty. If you decide to go on a trip to nearby villages, you will open up the possibilities to explore the local traditions or to go to the Jatinga Bird Observatory to the strange phenomenon of ‘bird suicides’. Tourist activities in the area include water sports, boating, and fishing.

7. Orang National Park

Popularly known as mini Kaziranga, Orang National Park has a topography similar to Kaziranga National Park. At a distance of 32 kilometers from Tezpur, this place is easily accessible by road. Go for a wildlife safari and you are assured to have a great time sighting one-horned rhinoceros, hog deer, fishing cat, and the beautiful Gangetic dolphin in the Brahmaputra river that borders this beautiful national park.

8. Diphu

This quaint hill town is home to many indigenous tribes. A well-loved tourist destination, Diphu is famous as a cultural hub. The places you should visit in Diphu include Taralangso during the celebration of the Karbi Youth Festival, botanical garden, and the district museum. Or if you are a nature lover, pay a visit to the Arboretum and you will not be disappointed.

9. Agnigarh Hill

Photo by Anupom007bora, CC0 1.0

Tezpur’s Agnigarh hill has a fascinating mythological legend behind the construction of an ancient fortress which was supposedly built here in centuries ago. Atop the hill now stands beautiful statues depicting scenes from the legend. A tall viewing platform on Agnigarh hill provides a panoramic view of Tezpur’s stunning landscape.

10. Hajo

River Hajo attracts tourists from all over the country to its numerous ancient temples and mosques. The Hayagriva Madhava Temple on the Monikut Hill, Hajo Powa Mecca, Madan Kamdev Mandir, and the Kerareshwara Temple are the famous tourist spots in the area. This spiritual city will immerse you in its divinity, so do not be surprised if you start inclining towards religion after visiting Hajo!

Assam’s natural beauty and rich heritage have to be experienced to be fully understood. We hope we have inspired you enough to visit this stunning place. So, pack your bags and go on the trip of a lifetime to the glorious state of Assam.