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The 10 Countries You Must Travel to in 2017

Make 2017 the year you broaden your horizons. We’ve been monitoring travel trends, and there are some locations that will be hugely popular next year. If you’re looking for the next place to book your vacation, these are the hot spots. Check out our definitive list of the top countries that you must travel in 2017!


Portugal just started offering many affordable routes on the country’s flag airline, TAP, and it has made the country a new top attraction in Europe. Porto, in particular, is a colourful city that everyone is flocking to. The architecture, cuisine, and entertainment make it special.


After the 2016 presidential election, Americans don’t want to just visit Canada — they want to live there. It’s becoming so popular that Canada’s immigration site was down the day after the election. Beyond being a country to escape to, Canada’s many provinces all have something unique to offer. Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are considered to be some of the most beautiful metropolitan cities in the world. Plus, 2017 is the country’s 150th anniversary! Celebrations will be happening everywhere.


Since America has eased up on its travel restrictions to Cuba, many people are very eager to travel to the country. Even TripAdvisor will let you book accommodations through its site, making it easier to get some good deals. There is so much culture and entertainment to see in Cuba, just remember that it’s a country undergoing a lot of changes and working to improve its policies.


Bermuda will be the place to see this year since it’s hosting the 2017 America’s Cup. If the pink sand beaches aren’t enough to get you there, the shopping and nightlife will be. It’s a great place for visitors who like to relax all day and party all night.

St. Lucia

The Caribbean island is plastered all over travel bloggers’ websites. On Sugar Beach, there’s a Viceroy Resort with a rainforest spa that will make your visit totally worth it. You can also take a water taxi to Anse La Raye to experience the local culture that includes street dancing and Creole eats.


If you like big celebrations, this is the time to visit Finland. The country will be celebrating 100 years as an independent country in 2017. The lush national parks and beautiful Northern Lights make it a nature-lover’s dream destination.


The Nordic island of Iceland has become a desirable place to visit, and its popularity is expected to increase. If you haven’t gotten a chance to visit the country’s spectacular nature that includes sweeping cliffs, massive waterfalls, and impressive geysers, now is the time. Travellers especially enjoy the Blue Lagoon. It’s full of nutrient-rich water that makes it a great place to soak your body.


India is putting a focus on becoming a big travel destination, and it’s working. Visit the Golden Triangle for luxury travel and vibrant culture that will be impossible to forget. Plus, the country will be celebrating its 70th anniversary of independence, so major cities will be pulling out all the stops.

South Africa

South Africa’s adventurous attractions have made it the hot spot for thrill seekers. You can go on safaris, swim with sharks, or try the world’s tallest bridge jump. The Winelands just outside of Capetown is becoming an international destination for wine tasting.


Greece is experiencing a record amount of outside visitors, stabilizing its economy and making it a more plentiful country than ever. Make sure to ride a boat through Melissani Cave, visit the Acropolis in Athens, and wander the black sand beaches of Santorini.


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