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10 Mexico City Museums that Should Be On Your Bucket List

It’s been said that Mexico City has the most museums of any city in the world, and after living here for a year I believe it. This city is a museum-lover’s paradise, with museums of all shapes, sizes, and devotions seemingly on every corner. It would be impossible to list them all, or even to list all the great ones, but these 10 are a great starting point. Especially now, during rainy season, I know that there’s nowhere I would rather be.

Casa del Lago

This tiny museum is located in the heart of the giant park known as Bosque Chapultepec, where many of Mexico City’s most prestigious museums are housed. Casa del Lago is not one of the most prestigious–in fact it’s tiny, little known, and little advertised. However, it’s the perfect place to go see local contemporary artists from this creative mecca in pristine natural surroundings away from the madding crowd.

Museo Jumex

This towering museum in the posh Polanco neighbourhood is an incredible wealth of contemporary art, featuring both local and international talent. As a bonus, it’s also right next to the beautiful Museo Soumaya, which features classical art for a bit of balance.

Museo de Antropologia

One of the two most famous museums in the country, this massive collection of cultural artefacts is a genuine treasure trove. You’ll need a full day (or 3) to see it all, but every room is an incredible window into the vast and rich history of Mexico. We recommend going during the week to avoid the formidable crowds.

Museo Frida Kahlo

This one, it might go without saying, is the other ultra-famous museum of Mexico. Frida’s little blue house is now graced daily by long lines of tourists eagerly waiting to see the way the visionary painter lived and worked. The museum doesn’t have a lot of her actual work, but it is a loving ode to the life of an extraordinary artist and revolutionary thinker.

El Centro de la Imagen

Located in a corner of the breathtaking national library, this public photo archive is an incredible space with an even more incredible collection. With both temporary and permanent photo exhibitions, this museum is an incredible gem for photography lovers.

Museo Dolores Olmedo

For those interested in seeing more of Frida Kahlo’s artwork will be blown away by the incredible collection of Dolores Olmedo, a close friend and benefactor of Frida and her husband Diego Rivera. This museum, located in the south of the city in beautiful Xochimilco, has amazing examples of paintings by Frida and Diego as well as a stunning collection of folk arts around the country. If you’re not convinced yet, you should know that there are also peacocks freely wandering the grounds.

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