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11 reasons we fall more in love while travelling

Love and travel go hand in hand. While travelling you will fall in love countless times and each one will be extremely special. So, why is it so easy to fall in love while travelling? Here are 11 reasons why:

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1. Because when you travel you are committed to adventure.
And falling in love is one of the adventures that you will never be tired to experience.

2. Because the option of “leaving for tomorrow what you can do today” does not exist.
There is no time for future dates, nor to doubt if it is the best time to give the first kiss. Waiting one more day can mean hundreds of kms of separation.

3. Because during the journey we are just travellers.
There is no need to hide behind social labels, nor define yourself through superficial duties, you are not worried if his/her friends like you. You are just on the same frequency and recognise what attracts you without too much filtering.

4. Because loving and travelling are the two human experiences that make us feel more alive.
These are two actions that make us live in the present with the biggest explosions of dopamine that you have ever experienced. It is natural that one inspires the other, or that they happen at the same time.

5. Because empathy becomes something more real and less abstract.
In the daily life, empathy is like science-fiction, and differences between the different social contexts can dissolve it completely. When you travel, you are all on the same boat: you share problems, joys and satisfactions in an almost metaphysical way.

6. Because you will always have something in common.
Since you both love travelling, you will always have this passion in common, even during the sedentary stages of life. To find love while travelling guarantees that you are compatible in something that make you feel alive.. and that you can enjoy together very easily.

7. Because when you travel, conversations are more real.
Since you are strangers to one another, you don’t have stories in common nor many topics for gossiping. Superfluous conversations last less and quickly turn into philosophical talking. Since you will often have a lot of time at your disposal, like bus rides and long lines, you will discover that nothing inspires love more than spending interminable hours speaking with a person you like.

8. Because travelling is the perfect set up for falling in love.
You don’t know if you are in love with the deserted beach sunset, the hot wine that you have just tasted for the first time, having found the courage to dance like no one is watching, or the person that you have in front of you. Most likely you are in love with all of it together.

9. Because to have love cross your journey, is the best excuse to change your travel plans.
After all, it’s about the journey not the destination.

10. Because the idea of the person you just met in a small Guatemalan village who lives on the other side of the word, being the love of your life is extremely romantic.
Will it be that the invisible red string that connects two people brought you all the way here? Because we know that in love, randomness does not exist.

11. Because the memories of the summer loves will inspire you for the rest of your life.
Swimming naked in the sea, visiting a new city together for the first time or spending an entire night playing mime game, each one trying to learn the other one’s language. Those farewells full of kisses and tears from a passion that is ending at his best.

To fall in love while travelling is so beautiful that one can become addicted to it as much as the simple fact of travelling.

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