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Top 12 Countries From A Man Who Has Travelled To Every Country In The World

Gunnar Garfors visited all 198 countries in the world by the time he turned 37 years old. So when people ask him which country was his favourite, he has a hard time picking just one. However, there are 12 countries he thinks everyone should visit at some point in their lives.

Keep scrolling to see what those countries are, and why he thinks they’re worth visiting:


‘Transylvania, best known for its castles, mountains, and of course Dracula, will stun you. Not to forget the parties in the capital Bucharest. And Romanians even know how to make great beer.’


‘There is no doubt about the French having ‘visited.’ The gourmet options in Antananarivo are world class, until it comes to the bill. You will think they have forgotten most of what you ordered.’

‘The coastline, the lemurs, and the baobab trees will gobsmack you.’


‘You know that big island in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s been battered and beaten by winds and waves for a million years, and it is still there!’

‘Just bring your swimming gear, and sit in 40 degrees hot natural springs while your hair will freeze and get covered by snow. Unreal.’


‘The definition of friendliness can be found here. Just remember not to let the hustle, bustle, and traffic stress you.’

‘Sit down, order a drink, relax, and watch. And do not forget to check out the Mekong Delta and its floating markets.’


‘Stunning nature, colourful markets, and very friendly people, unless they think you are an American pilot who is likely to run away with one of their beautiful girls. Bring a cup for world-class vodka.’


‘Paradise, like it used to be. There isn’t much luxury, but the fantastic seafood and the hospitality you are likely to experience by locals make up for it, by far.’

‘Just do venture outside the ‘civilisation.’ And set aside some time, there are rarely more than 2-3 planes arriving here a week.’

New Zealand

‘Enjoy white, black, and golden beaches, any kind of water sports and activities you didn’t know existed.’


‘This is a very diverse country between Costa Rica and Honduras. You’ll find legendary surf spots, incredible diving opportunities, and stunning nature.’

‘Just don’t order a Cuba Libre here. The bartender might eventually mix you a Nica Libre, though.’

Sierra Leone

‘This paradise is on virtually no one’s bucket list, but it should be if you are willing to challenge your comfort zone a tad. Expect amazing beaches, idyllic villages, and smiling people. Don’t expect infrastructure.’


‘One of the least known islands of the Caribbean so deserves to be seen by more people. Of course, that would take away some of the charm of the volcanoes, Boiling Lake, the hidden beaches, and the rainforest.’

‘Never mind I said anything. The two small airports can anyhow only take down propeller aircraft.’


‘OK, OK, OK, call me biased, but if you haven’t seen the West Coast or Northern Norway, you don’t know what stunning scenery is.’

‘The wild mountains, the twisting fjords, the unimaginable waterfalls, the magnificent glaciers, the tiny villages, and the midnight sun will leave you speechless. Yeah, even you from Texas. And did I remember to mention the Northern Light? Go, or regret forever.’



‘You know that country in between Argentina and Brazil? The second smallest country in South America is still rather undiscovered, although I have no idea why. The memo about the calm and relaxed, yet very exciting people must have gotten lost in the mail.’

Re-arranging your next holiday? Yeah, me too.

Source: Business Insider

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