You are currently viewing 15 of the Best Instagram Photos of Machu Picchu and Treks

15 of the Best Instagram Photos of Machu Picchu and Treks

Nestled high in the Peruvian Andes, Machu Picchu is one of the greatest ancient ruins ever discovered. Obscured by rolling clouds and surrounded by lush, towering mountains the ancient citadel lay abandoned and forgotten for centuries. Today the ruins are so popular limits have been placed on the number of people who can visit, as well as the number of people who can take the Inca Trail Trek to reach them, each day. 

To experience this marvel you need to plan ahead, but it will be worth it. The incredible beauty and majesty of Machu Picchu need to be experienced first hand to be truly appreciated. But for a first taste of the stunning ruins and the routes you can take to reach them these photos taken by bamba travellers will hit the spot!

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4 Days hiking over 13000 steps along the Inca Trail we made it to Machu Picchu. #incatrail #pachamama #bambaexperience

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This is Machu Picchu baby! #photography #picoftheday #photooftheday #machupicchu #nikon #gettyimages #bambaexperience #ctperu

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@justadventure_ and I were discussing which route we want to take for seeing the Machu Picchu. We figured the best way to grow our feeling towards the Inca is to get involved with the world’s famous trail – Inca Trail. This trail takes four days to get to the Machu Picchu. It was our first time trekking for few days. Truthfully, it was scary a bit due to carrying our film gears and wondering how exhausted it will be. We realized it is not about how heavy our backpacks are. It is about challenging ourselves and getting an ultimate reward in the end. On the first day, we struggled a bit, and then next few days everything became more difficult due to high altitude and weather. We managed to overcome all difficult paths. When we arrived at the Machu Picchu, it was the best feeling ever. No joking. It was one of few orgasm feelings we had. In case, if you ask it’s better than having sex, oh definitely yes. We didn’t stop smiling and thinking how awesome our trip was! This is the trip we cannot forget, right Justin? #machupicchu #peru #incatrail

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4 days trekking, 3 nights camping andddd we did it! Made it to Machu Picchu 🏔👏🏻

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First day of Salkantay Trek 👣 #salkantaytrek #bambaexperience #soraypampaperu #humantay #humantaylake #hiking #hikingtrails #backtotheroots #backtobasic #peru🇵🇪

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15k ft 👆🏽

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“Machu Picchu” So I finally made it. And it was worth it. Here is the classic spot where everyone takes their shot of Machu Picchu (it’s cliche, but necessary) . Spent the early morning learning about each building, it’s purpose and the life of the lost city. The Incas were pretty smart. Incredible astronomers predicting weather patterns and sunlight hours, they utilized microclimates in terraces to grow more varieties of crops than we know, they held science and religion on the same level, conducting experiments in churches and embracing earth and sky, their focus was less on worship and more on respect for the world we are given . In hearing more about their past I think perhaps history demonstrates less about what we’ve learnt and more about what we have forgotten 🌎

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