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5 Foods to Try while Travelling in Tanzania

Tanzania is most known for its wild safaris, tropical beaches, majestic mountains, beautiful lakes, and pristine beaches. But another amazing reason to visit Tanzania is also one of its best-kept secrets: its amazingly tasty cuisines and hearty meals.

Here are some tantalising dishes to try in Tanzania:


Nyama Choma

This delicious grilled meat is the most popular goat-meat dish of Tanzania. Freshly off the carcass, the meat goes straight on the grill and is left to cook over the slow heat of burning coals. The meat is not very soft, unlike your local beef steak. It’s a bit chewy and bursting with flavour. Have a drink as you wait for the barbecue to do its job.



This is the most basic food in Tanzania. Made with only  maize flour and water, it is quite easy to prepare this side dish. It is difficult to compare the taste to anything, but it looks like a lot like mashed potatoes, and is normally served with a main dish like nyama choma or mchuzi soup. You might not develop a taste for it instantly, but it’s filling and quite nice to try.


Chipsi Mayai

This is one of the favourite local street foods. Chipsi Mayai in English means ‘chips and eggs’. It’s basically french fries and omelets, but the potatoes are a little different than the your average McDonald’s fries. The dish is easily available in street eateries and local food stands.


Zanzibar Pizza

This popular Zanzibar dish is one of the most scrumptious things you will eat here. It is like a wrapped, fried sandwich. The key ingredients of this dish are dough, meat, eggs, peppers, onions and cheese. You will surely enjoy eating this pizza, but beware of the extra calories that it might add to your waistline. It also comes in chocolate and fruit versions.


Mshikaki is a popular street food that will leave you wanting for more. The dish is a kind of kebab prepared with marinated meat and African spices that add a tasty flavour. Different kinds of meat are used to make the dish, but the favourites are beef, goat, and lamb. Make sure you order enough, as it will leave your mouth watering for more.