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6 Activities Millennial Travellers Spend Money On

Millennium Travellers

Following your friends’ adventures and nights out at the most chic clubs in famous cities around the world on Facebook and Instagram is a fun past time, but there is nothing like experiencing it all for yourself. Surveys conducted by Topdeck Travel company have recently revealed the true reasons young adults from the millennial generation are spending their hard-earned dollars on a different type travel. Become a trendsetter and show your authentic travel experiences and the fulfilling reasons for getting out there beyond your comfort zone and exploring the world. You might just inspire your followers to do the same!

In the survey, millennial travellers were asked what their top motivating factors were for travel and what made them most excited about their next trip. Keep on reading to see what experiences they value the most:

1. Experiencing a New Culture


Most of the interesting stories people share from their journeys revolves around culture. Hence, it is always exciting to explore a different culture while travelling. Guided adventurous tours and tailor made trips to less explored spots are truly apt for those desiring an incredible, informative and full-of-fun holiday experience

2. Ticking Off the Bucket List

Greece to Croatia Road Trip Adventure

Creating a bucket list is a trendy way of putting our passion for travel to our dream destinations into action, especially for young travellers. This list is usually quite full of experiences and in a haste to achieve them people go about ticking off the items as quickly as they can. A survey of people about the next big destination on their bucket list reveals the following:

3. Eating Out


The fun of going on a trip is not just about mapping out a place to stay or things to see but also about what to eat. A mesmerizing travel experience isn’t complete without immersing yourself in the real local cuisine which is a part of every gastronomic conversation when dining out. By discovering new food and relishing it at a local joint, you are able to dive into traditional food habits of that land. From tiny little cafés to big restaurants, discovering the finest places is something that every travel enthusiast indulges in these days.

4. Meeting New Mates

Halnog Bay Cruise

A common phenomenon prevalent among people today is travelling solo which is an empowering experience. Leaving on a trip by yourself with a backpack and GPS on your phone and encountering a bunch of travel enthusiasts on your way can become a meaningful experience of life. You are surely to make new connections on your travel expeditions as you meet like-minded individuals from all over the world and perhaps create a bond over the mutual solo travelling experience.

5. Party Lovers

full moon party

Quite likely there will be people who prefer hiking or hopping off from one country to another as compared to partying. But there is no alternative for those who on any day will prefer a party destination such as Vegas or the Greek islands and make the most of the dazzling nighclubs, bars and beach parties around the world. Travel demands for these party places are always high.

6. Shop as You Hop


While many people prefer to explore a place through its monuments, food or iconic sights but shopping in a foreign destination can be a stimulating and rewarding experience. Although it’s not recommended to dash to a mall but shopping in local markets and browsing through handicrafts, traditional clothing or collecting souvenirs will offer more cultural insights into a place. So be ready to shop as you hop on to your next destination.

Source: CultureCheatSheet