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June 7th: Peru Flag Day Celebration

 Three people sky diving with a Peruvian Flag Bandera Peruana

The National flag of Peru is the ultimate symbol of the country. Peru flag day is celebrated on June 7, commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Arica.

General Jose de San Martin


The story tells that on September 8, 1820, disembarking in the port of Pisco in front of the Liberating Expedition, General Jose de San Martin, in a moment of rest, fell asleep in the shade of a palm tree. He dreamt that a multitude was cheering for freedom and proudly was waving a beautiful flag. Upon awakening, almost like a vision, the “Libertador” saw in the sky a flock of birds with red wings and white chest.  With a beating heart he said to Admiral Cochrane and the chief of Las Heras, “Do you see those birds heading north?”
“Yes, sir, white and red,” said Cochrane.
“They look like a flag,”  added Las Heras.
“They are a flag,” confirmed the Liberator and continued, “It is the flag flying for the freedom of this nation.”

The birds rose swiftly into the sky disappearing into the clouds, as “an endless craving for blue” And so it was that sublime vision that became reality and made possible the creation of the beautiful first flag of Peru.

How will you celebrate Peru’s National Flag Day? Hopefully with an adventure trip from Bamba’s long list of Peruvian trips and treks. 😉