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Photo by skeeze, CC0 1.0

7 Not to Miss Adventures in Rishikesh

Among one of the ancient cities in India Rishikesh finds a place. Located in Uttar Pradesh, this tourist spot is one of the most visited by people across the world. This picturesque city at the banks of River Ganga is a point of access to the Garhwal Range of Himalayas. People with different kinds of interest like Adventure buffs, nature enthusiasts, culture aficionados, and religious folks and all come here to find something to pamper themselves with.

There are plenty of places to visit and enjoy different kinds of adventures in this adventure capital of India:

1. River Rafting

Photo by Jeevan, CC0 1.0

Adventure sports in water may be a little different from those on land or air. The sight of River Ganga revving and gurgling and forming some torrents is fascinating by itself. What about going for a swim in it on a river raft. Moving up and down at a high speed on the waves of Ganga on a river raft will surely give your adrenaline a huge kick. You can choose one of the rafting stretches amongst the four present today to enthral yourself to the maximum.

2. Bungee Jumping

Photo by bungeeinternational0, CC0 1.0

An elastic rope is tied to the ankle of the person who wants to do bungee jumping. To get the thrill they jump from a high-altitude place making the rope to stretch. When it has done so to the maximum the person taking the jump will bounce back. Doing this several times and watching the views below makes your adrenaline jump several notches higher. Give yourself a chance to try this activity and you will never regret your decision.

3. Rappelling

Photo by skeeze, CC0 1.0

In Rappelling, what you do is just roping down a wall or a cliff and slide down. Then applying friction control your speed using a device tied to yourself. Usually it is done in groups and it is really exciting and thrilling to climb down this way with the help of a rope. An expert will accompany the beginners and once you are experienced you can do Rappelling without any help.

4. Camping

Photo by bhossfeld, CC0 1.0

Staying in tents is an experience by itself. Tents provided here at Rishikesh are decorated to give a homely feeling. You can cook food in the tent kitchen. For lighting at night lanterns are provided. Staying this way in a forest area and enjoying the locales and eating the locally available food is an unforgettable experience and brings you closer to nature.

5. Laxman And Ram Jhula Crossing

Photo by McKay Savage, CC BY 2.0

A 3-km long Iron Bridge hangs across the Ganga is called Laxman Jhula and another one a little farther away is a similar bridge the Ram Jhula. Crossing the Laxman Jhula you can visit the Swarag Ashram and Gita Bhavan. The view of the surroundings while walking across are jaw dropping. Ram Jhula connects the Swargashram and Shivananda Ashram. The panoramic view of the Ganga and the other sights in its vicinity are worth experiencing.

6. Cliff Jumping

Photo by Ryan, CC BY 2.0

First you need to find a perfect cliff that overlooks the river below. Then after you reach the cliff you jump into the river. Many a time this is done while one is rafting down the river. Take a halt then jump from the cliff into the river. This is sure to pump your adrenaline quite high. What can be more thrilling than jumping from a 30-ft. cliff into the water on a hot summer day?

7. Trekking

Photo by Os Rúpias, CC BY-ND 2.0

Several tourist destinations in and around the hilly terrains have opportunities for trekking and Rishikesh is no exception to it. You can choose from many of the themes offered and go trekking and reach the destination at the end of the expedition. Of course, going solo may not be as interesting as going in a group. The sight of the scenic beauty is sure to mesmerise you to the core.

You can observe how a predominantly religious city offers so much for an adventure buff. This quaint city has a lot on the tourist front so add it to your itinerary next time you go on a vacation.