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7 Travel Essentials That Should Be In Everyone’s Suitcase

What you throw in your suitcase or backpack will depend on where you’re going and what type of trip you plan of having. But these 7 travel essentials should be in everyone’s luggage, no matter your destination.


A girls wearing flipflops sitting next to her lugagge

Whether you call them flip-flops, thongs or jandals, these simple little plastic shoes are essential for every trip. They’re a perfect trade out for hiking shoes if you’re getting blisters or your feet need some air. A must for every hostel showers and suspect looking hotel floor. They’re small and light, the perfect travel shoe!

Portable USB Charger/ Power Bank

Two phones plugged in to charges travel essentials

Having been in the game a while now, portable USB chargers are pretty cheap. If you’re taking every electronic device you own, it may be worth investing in a good one. But if it’s just to recharge your phone, on the off-chance you run out of battery, a cheap one will do the trick! Also, make sure to pack a universal power adapter so you can charge up your charger and other devices.


A blonde woman wraps her self in a scarf in front of a waterfall

Scarf for those heading to cooler climates and a sarong for those going tropical. They can be used to dress up an outfit, or as an outfit depending on the size (I’d suggest going big). You can use it as a blanket, a towel or a headscarf and as padding for fragile items in your luggage. You can even get inventive – wrap your clothes in it and use it as a pillow or fast it into an over the shoulder bag. There are infinite uses for this suitcase staple.

Fanny Pack/ Bumbag

Three women in sports clothes wearing fannypacks

Lucky for you, these handy little travel essentials are now back in fashion! I’d keep it simple when buying your travel bumbag. You don’t want to be drawing attention to the place you’re keeping your valuables. Wear it on your hips or as an over the shoulder bag. However you wear it, keep your valuables close at hand with this practical little bag.

Quality earplugs

A baby on a plane

So your accommodation is right in the centre of town, close to restaurants and nightlife! Great if you want to go out not so great if you’re wanting to sleep. Make the most of your prime location with some quality earplugs. They’ll also come in handy on that long-haul flight with 3 babies on board and during that 12-hour overnight bus trip, you booked to save a few dollars.

Ziplock plastic bags

Candy bracelet in a plastic bag

Ziplock bags are life to the frequent traveller. You need them for your liquids to get through customs or to separate your chords so they don’t get all tangled. Get a mix of big and small bags so you can throw wet clothes in them when necessary and to stash snacks for the day – taken from your free hostel breakfast. Always pack more than you think you’ll need because these bad boys always come in handy. The more reusable you can find the better!

Flashlight or Head Torch

A man holding a flashlight over looking a city and mountains

Even if you’re not camping, but especially if you are, flashlights always come in handy. You may need one to find your way to the camping ground bathrooms.. or the hostel bathrooms. For navigating your way around poorly lit streets at night in foreign cities. If you can go hands-free with a head torch you’ll be set during power outs or nighttime hikes. You’ll never know when a torch could be of use, just make sure you have the batteries or charger necessary to keep them lit.

An honorary shoutout goes to the SkyRoam, a handy little device that gives you Wi-FI access the world over. For more packing tips check out our guide to packing light or our top picks for the best backpacker travel apps.

What travel essentials would you never leave without? Let us know in the comment section below. Tag us @bambaexperience or #bambaexperience in your best travel photos for your chance to be featured on our blog.