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Travelling Solo: The Advantages & Disadvantages

For the majority of people, travelling is always an enriching experience. It’s a great way to relax your senses and expand your horizons. While some people prefer to travel in a group with family or friends, others prefer going solo. Travelling solo has its advantages and disadvantages. Though the disadvantages of travelling solo might exasperate your fears or make you anxious, the advantages of solo travel clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Solo Adventure- Yes Please!

Travelling Solo

The Amazing Advantages:


This is an obvious and important one. Without any worries of other people’s priorities or schedules, you can travel with ease in a place unknown. You have total freedom to do or eat whatever you feel like without getting into disagreements about where you want to travel and how long you want to stay. You are the sole master of your journey.


This could be one of those travels where you will be able to interact with yourself and discover the inner you, especially if you are travelling to some quiet or spiritual destination. Through this experience, you can learn to trust yourself and the people around you as well.

New Friendships

If you are travelling solo, you are more likely to meet heaps of people along the way and make lifelong friendships, bonded through your new experiences. The fact that you are alone will push you to get out of your comfort zone with fellow travellers and local people on your journey.

What Could Be The Downside?

Travelling Solo

The Possible Disadvantages:

All Alone

It could be a bit daunting to travel to a new place alone. There could be instances when you might rediscover a memory or want to share a story with someone. Nowadays though, wifi is easily accessible all over the world, and Facetime and Skype make it easy connect with loved ones far away. And when you’re travelling, you are never truly alone- friends are all around, just waiting to be apart of your life!

More expenses

Another possible disadvantage is not being able to split costs with someone else as easily as you would with a travel partner. There are ways as a solo adventurer or business(wo)man traveling alone, to mitigate the challenges you may encounter. In this guide, several ways to protect your finances are discussed.

Furthermore, when you meet new people, this problem goes away! You can share the expenses with your new friends, and count the pennies like every real traveller!

Gloomy or Sick Days

It can be difficult to cope when you are feeling a little sad, under the weather or homesick on your journey. But this can happen, with or without a group of friends or family from home. The best remedy for this is to take a little time for yourself and regroup. Knowing you have your new group of pals for mental and emotional support, will make those feelings subside in a flash!

Travelling Solo

Did you see what we did there? There truly are no disadvantages! Travelling solo can only bring life changing experiences, whether it be for good or bad, they will make you stronger! You can do more, and go further than you ever thought possible, and travelling solo is one of those experiences that will test you, and give you an insight into what you are truly capable of!

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