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Adventure Travel in Nepal

Man jumping in front of Annapurna, Nepal

Located in Asia, surrounded by China to the north and by India to the South, the Federal Republic of Nepal is a small landlocked country. Equipped with a unique landscape, where most of its territory is very steep, since more than 75% of its surface is affected by the presence of the Himalayas, home to the highest peaks in the world.

The image that confronts us is that of a country falling into distinct steps in altitude and structure, from the colossal Mount Everest with its 8,848 meters of altitude to 200 meters on the border with India; from the snow line separating it from Chinese Tibet, to the land of prairies and warm forests of the southern landscape towards India.

So, Nepal is presented as one of the most fantastic sceneries for adventure travel, for intrepid travellers and climbers who are not afraid of heights, cold, and these ice giants that dominate the region.

Man standing at the top of a mountain Annapurna Nepal1

Nepal recently opened to the world since 1950. For a long time it was a hippie destination, but this remarkable culture could not go unnoticed to the experienced traveller, that began to get motivated by the new political possibilities.

Today, Nepal is the goal for traditional tourism, but even more for adventure that combines climate and spectacular scenery, where trekking, rafting, climbing and other activities, call for hundreds of tourists coming for a season to enjoy its peaceful rhythm and exceptional panoramas. Kathmandu Valley is a paradise for hiking, and the Sherpas, the inhabitants of the Himalayas, are the most sought out guides.

The best parts of an adventure trip to Nepal provides not only the majesty of the mountain, but also the temples and fortresses that can be discovered as the traveller moves along the trails.

Snow peaked Annapurna mountain

A classic trail, is the one that reaches Annapurna, one of Nepal’s mountain ranges, which adds to its bold beauty, the challenge of height, besides being the home of the Goddess Parvati, wife of Shiva. A magical and mystical world awaits the adventurous tourists in these places over the Himalayas.

The Annapurna is a set of peaks ranging from 7,220 metres to 8,100 metres above sea level. Those travellers who dare to make their ascent on this magnificent massif, will discover an amazing landscape scenery of rice fields, bridges, rivers and waterfalls, shrines, glaciers, villages and towns, in addition to observing the sharp contrasts of the lands and groves.

The other giant sentinel is the Dhaulagiri which rises to over 8,100 meters.

Plan flying By a large mountain in Nepal

Those who dare to explore this region and take into account the requirements, trekking around the massif can be done by all those travellers unfamiliar with mountain activity. In addition, there are several huts and shelters that help to rest at each stage, the time for this adventure runs from October to December, where the help of mountain guides that provide specialised travel agencies on the issue is necessary and, where prudence is the inseparable companion in the mountains to enjoy this greatness.

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