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African Impact wins in Zambia

While often thought as simply the ability to read and write, literacy is in fact a much broader concept. It also includes grammar, spelling, numeracy and more. Globally, an estimated 750 million people still lack basic literacy skills. This is where African Impact has stepped in to help.

African Impact offers award-winning responsible volunteer projects, travel programs, as well as internship opportunities, across 11 African countries.


One of these countries is Zambia. Here, literacy rates have been a continuous issue. Despite English being an official language – billboards, newspapers, road signs are all in English – comprehension of the language is very low. Besides, there are also over 70 native languages. Efforts by the local government to improve literacy, in fact, included teaching children in these native languages.

For those in the country above the age of 15, literacy has proven to be even more worrisome. Luckily, illiteracy rates among this group have improved, from 32.8% in 2004 to 13.07% in 2014. Still, a central focal point remains for adults to assist children with their homework, for example, and provide more overall support for their families.

One of African Impact’s developmental projects includes Adult Literacy Classes. The focus here lies on skills and competencies required for employment, careers and general living. Activities cover basic written English skills, as well as more advanced skills, including punctuation, budgeting, letter writing, etc.

Livingstone, in Zambia, is a beautiful, rural town right next door from one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – Victoria Falls. It is also where African Impact offers their Teaching & Community Development volunteer opportunities. 

For participants, often unable to have finished school, achievements include now knowing how to speak and write in English. In turn, they can then support their children in learning and completing an education.

It was during the recent Literacy Month Event in Zambia, that the town of Livingstone was rewarded for their work to cut down on illiteracy. African Impact was hereby highlighted for contributing with the Adult Literacy Classes by Zambia’s Ministry of Education.

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