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Australia’s Top 5 Highlights

If you are travelling down under, you might want to consider these five unique experiences rather than the ordinary travel plans. Below you will find some of the top things to do in Australia.  The outback has much more to offer than you realize. Make memories to last a lifetime as you truly get connected to the natural beauty of Australia.

For some of the off the beaten path ideas, consider going outside your comfort zone to truly experience these Australia highlights, mate.


1. Spot X Surf Camp

This surf camp is for every level of surfer from beginners to skilled.  Who wouldn’t want to hang ten off the coast? The beautiful beaches, luscious greenery and beautiful blue skies.  Spot X marks the spot for surfers who just cannot get enough of the foamy waves.  Enjoy this unique experience and stay overnight if you cannot get enough of the sensational surf.

Learn one of the world’s most incredible sports: Spot X Surfing Experience

fraser2. Fraser Islands

Aussie jungles are ripe for exploring. Visit the wreckage and remains of the Maheno Shipwreck of 1935. Hop on a four-wheel ride through the dunes and beaches as you explore this secluded escape. Take a dip in the beautiful calm crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie. Who wouldn’t want to explore on what will feel like your own little piece of paradise? Fraser island is only missing you!

Enjoy the freedom of driving around those stunning sandy beaches: Fraser Island Camping Adventure 3D/2N


3. Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Island is a sailor’s dream. The beautiful yachts line the shore ready for you to come aboard. But don’t forget to pack your bathers (Aussie for swimsuit) as you can swim, snorkel, explore sea life, or soak in the rays.  Become the captain and get behind the wheel of a Maxi boat or sunbathe on the deck.  This island is perfect for the adventurer or someone wanting to escape on the waves.

Sailing is great fun and high on adventure. For those short on time this is ideal: Whitsundays Sailing Adventure 2D/1N


4. Kakadu National Park

Wetlands, wallabies, and waterfalls are part of this aboriginal adventure. Stroll through the spectacular views of the aboriginal homelands.  Listen to the tales of the aborigines as you explore cascades and waterfalls that will leave you speechless. Animal lovers will be in heaven in this natural habitat of over 250 bird species.  You can also encounter kangaroos, wallabies, alligators, and buffaloes. Come experience nature at its finest.  

Explore roaring waterfalls, marvel at the gorgeous landscape, and be on the look out for crocodiles and other creatures on top of a private billabong cruise across the lively Mary River Wetlands: Kakadu Adventure 3D/2N


5. Ayers Rock (Uluru)

Breathtaking views of the Australian red soil await as you hike King’s Canyon and the Garden of Eden. Sleep under the sparkling clear views of the stars and awake to breathtaking sunrises. Sit around the camp fire and enjoy a fire cooked meal and great conversation. Get connected with the beautiful natural surroundings, spectacular scenery, and solitude in this hiker’s dream get away. If you need some peace and serenity in your vacation, then you will find the sanctuary you desire at Ayers Rock, known to the Aboriginals as Uluru.

Explore the remote outback of Central Australia, stare at imposing mesas and sleep out under the stars: Red Centre Adventure 3D/2N