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Backpack Hacks: Tips for Travelling Light

We all understand the struggles of trying to pack all of our worldly possessions into one bag when heading on our travels, be it for a week, a month or a year. The reality is that we need a lot less than we think we do, and lugging around a heavy backpack isn’t practical. But fear not, we have jotted down some top backpacking tips to help lighten the load!

You Can’t Overpack a Small Rucksack!

A small backpack for hassle free travel- Top Backpacking Tips

Genius, right? Choosing a rucksack that you can use as carry on baggage, is one of the best pieces of advice you can get. It saves you time, money and back pain! Most flights nowadays include sneaky add on fees, which means you could be out of pocket again and again paying for check in luggage! So make sure your bag is hand luggage approved and spend all your precious time exploring instead of at baggage claim.


 Always a Solid Choice

A variety of solid shampoos for convenience- Top Backpacking Tips

Carrying a lot of liquids in your bag can be heavy, messy and unnecessary. When possible you should find solid forms of any liquids you want to bring on your trip. Such as perfume, soaps and even shampoo. They last a whole lot longer and are smaller and lighter to carry around.


Electronics 101

Essential travel items for hitting the road- Top Backpacking Tips

Though it may be scary to leave your beloved laptop and gadgets behind, getting some distance from your technology can be more than healthy. In saying that, taking a small tablet like an iPad can be a lifesaver. They can slip easily into a day pack and wifi is never too far away, no matter what corner of the world you’re in. They save on carrying books around, and make checking in online for flights easy and hassle free.


Bum Bags are Back in Fashion, We Swear!

Wearing a bumbag on your travels is always a good idea- Top Backpacking Tips

Bumbags are back! And not only that, they are a complete saviour for backpackers. Keeping your valuables close by is vital and when you’re on the road, your passport is your most important possession. Having your money or passport buried in your bag is unsafe and impractical, and having another day pack only adds more luggage. So, taking along this small waist bag for your valuables will make your travels that much safer.


Wear Bulky Clothes on the Road

Travellers wearing bulky clothes on the road- Top Backpacking Tips

If you need to bring some warmer gear for different climates, it’s always best to wear it when you’re travelling from place to place. Even in a hot country, airport air con will make you grateful for those jeans and jumpers.

Have you got any more tips to help your fellow traveller? Comment below!