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Travelling Solo: Why Everyone Needs To Do It!

More and more people are travelling alone, but the idea can be a bit intimidating. There are a thousand questions that make solo travel seem daunting. Where will I travel to? Who will I socialize with? Is it safe? If you’re up for the challenge, however, travelling alone can turn out to be one of your most unforgettable and rewarding experiences in your life. And luckily we are here with some solo travel tips to make your future adventure, that little bit easier.

Smile, You’re Travelling Solo

solo travel tips 1: smile - young female solo traveller smiling and posing in front of a colourful bus

Something as simple as a smile can turn a lonely trip into the adventure of a lifetime. Smiling is a universal gesture understood by everyone. It conveys confidence and likability, and it attracts positive energy and friendly people. So turn that frown upside down because this is one of the easiest solo travel tips you can’t go wrong with.


Do As The Locals Do

solo travel tips 2: be a local - young male traveller interacting with the locals

The key to travelling alone is to immerse yourself in the local culture. Hang around some of the busiest places in the city. It can be a crowded market, a popular public park, or a social hot spot. Sit, observe, and interact with your buzzing environment and soak up the local culture and customs. Not only will you learn a thing or two about local culture and customs, but you’ll also meet some cool and interesting people.


Room for One, Please!

solo travel tips 3: accommodations - young solo traveller in a homestay in central america

The rooming situation is sometimes the most stressful part of trip planning, but when you’re travelling solo, it can turn out to be the easiest and, dare I say, most exciting. There are so many options for solo travellers nowadays from hotels and hostels to AirBnB, Couchsurfing and homestays. Not only that, but you’re more likely to meet fun, new people who won’t hesitate to give you friendly advice and tips for the best spots to check out around town.


Your Trip, Your Way

solo travel tips 4: travel your way - solo traveller enjoying his own trip

The best part about going solo is the ability to travel at your own pace and on your own terms. That means taking a nap whenever you want, but also hopping onto a tour last-minute or catching a train to the countryside on a whim. You have the flexibility to craft and modify your own travel itinerary without having to compromise.

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