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Bamba Supports Adventure Travel Conservation Fund

Bamba Experience supports Adventure Travel Conservation Fund in 2018 by becoming a member and collaborating with the adventure travel community toward the conservation of natural and cultural resources worldwide.

Adventure Travel Conservation Fund


The ATCF is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to directly fund local projects engaged in the conservation of unique natural and cultural resources of adventure travel destinations.” Their objectives go hand in hand with Bamba’s strong culture of responsible and ethical travel worldwide. Together we hope to support projects that protect our planet’s cultural and natural resources.


Bamba Experience (CHO) Chief Happiness Officer, Paul Sarfati, states “We have recently boosted our efforts towards establishing responsible company policies on controversial and important issues such as animal welfare, porter’s rights and respectful travel practices ​for Voluntourism among others. We differentiate ourselves from other tour operators by offering unique experiences with lots of local interaction and authentic experiences. It’s very important to us to help preserve the environment, its resources, local cultures, historical sites, touristic infrastructure and local businesses as best as we can across the globe. We hope that our membership with ATCF will support reliable local projects and in turn help preserve the communities and environments in which our clients travel. We hope that we can make an impact in eligible projects that otherwise might not be able to acquire funding or resources.  We also aspire to set an example in the adventure travel industry for other companies and organizations to follow.”

“Adventure and outdoor organizations have an opportunity to come together as members of the ATCF to protect international travel destinations where we all love to explore, learn and play,” says Soraya Shattuck, ATCF Executive Director. “Without the conservation of these unique environments, cultures and communities, we risk losing the very experiences that we seek when we travel.”

Organizations that are both for-profit and non-profit which may include accommodations, tour operators, indigenous community or conservation groups are candidates to apply for ATCF funding. Visit the ATCF projects page website to learn how to apply for a grant and the criteria required.

2017 Adventure Travel Conservation Fund Grant Winners include the following projects:

Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust

Restoring hope to the Gahinga in Uganda

Gunung Palung Orangutan Conservation

Protecting the future of orangutans in Borneo


Conserving Mexico‘s marine ecosystems

Join Bamba Experience in supporting worldwide conservation in the travel industry alongside visionary companies by becoming a member of this committed fund. Visit today.