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Bamba Experience Supports Futbol for Kids in Peru

Futbol for Kids and Bamba Experience will be visiting the Huacatinco Village in Peru in April 2018, to hold free soccer clinics for the families and children of tourism workers on the Inca Trail.

Bamba for Good is partnering with Futbol for Kids to improve the lives of tourism workers and their families that are directly affected by the tourism industry. This April 2018 a group of 15 volunteers from Bamba and the Futbol for Kids non-profit organization will visit Huacatinco Village in the Andean mountains, about 4 hours from Cuzco to give a free 3-day soccer clinic for the village school children. Bamba chose the village of Huacatinco because many of the Inca Trail porters employed by Bamba live there in a remote Andean village. We wanted to give back to the community so we partnered with Futbol for Kids to hold a soccer clinic and give donations of school supplies to the children.

Futbol for Kids

Futbol for Kids, founded by John Monreal, is a non-profit organization whose mission is “to deliver as many soccer balls to underprivileged kids as possible worldwide.” The foundation believes that one of life’s most simple pleasures is getting outside and kicking a ball. Their team promotes fair trade and protecting the environment, so all of their donations are sourced from companies that adopt and follow fair-trade laws. Futbol for Kids is working with Foster Soccer  to bring professional soccer coaches to Peru for the free clinic.

Learn more about Futbol for Kids here:Futbol for Kids

We are very excited to visit Huacatinco village and give back to the families of our hard-working porters through a sport that I am very passionate about, says Paul Sarfati, Bamba Experience CEO. “We hope that this small contribution to their village will bring smiles to their children’s faces and hope to encourage a healthy lifestyle through soccer.”

Check back with us for photos and videos of the Huacatinco Village visit and soccer clinics!