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Bamba Supports Semillas Earthquake Relief Fund

Bamba Experience wants to thank you for your generous support and kind donations to our Go Fund Me campaign supporting the reconstruction effort after the September earthquake in Mexico.  Rebuilding efforts are now ongoing in the lives of many Mexicans after the 7.1 earthquake that devastated Mexico City and the states of Puebla, Oaxaca, Chiapas, Morelos and the state of Mexico on the 19th of September 2017. We have sent all donations collected through our campaign to the Women Rebuilding their Communities fund through the Semillas Foundation to support the long-term recovery in the states affected by the earthquake.



Semillas thanks you for being part of the reconstruction of Mexico


Your donation contributes to activities such as:

  • Participatory evaluation of damages with specialized advisors
  • Reconstruction of community infrastructure and work spaces for women’s groups
  • Prevention of sexual violence and protection of the health of women affected by the disaster
  • Community reconstruction programs that assure that indigenous women have property titles to their homes
  • Installation of sustainable environmental technologies such as solar panels, rainwater collection systems, and management of water basins
  • Economic recovery of the affected communities through women-led income-generating projects such as women cooperatives
  • Creation of community resilience plans for future natural disasters



Semillas is a non-profit organization focused on improving women’s lives in Mexico. They dream of a country where all women, indigenous, mestiza, black, young, migrant, heterosexual, lesbian, mothers, and students alike, can make their own decisions and have access to health services, a decent job, justice, and happiness. To achieve this, Fondo Semillas supports groups and organizations of women. Throughout the past 25 years, Fondo Semillas has directly benefited more than 640 thousand women and 2.4 million more women, girls, boys, and men indirectly.



To learn more about Semillas please visit their website.