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Bamba Pledges to Protect Wild Animals in Tourism

Bamba pledges to protect wild animals in tourism worldwide and so can you. For many travellers, the chance for a up-close animal encounter is a dream come true. Many of us love and appreciate wildlife but when we go to venues that feature them, we often don’t realise how these venues treat the animals behind the scenes.

Currently, some of the most popular tourist attractions like elephant rides, tiger captivity and bear shows involve animal abuse. Often, hunters trap these animals and separate them from their mothers at a young age. This causes distress and in turn erratic and violent behaviour in the animal. They often live in cramped cages and are denied social interaction or medical care. Unfortunately, tourists that visit these venues contribute to the problem because it drives demand for these activities. It’s hard to know if the animals are mistreated, but it’s clear that a life in captivity will never be the same as a life in the wild.

Our Pledge to Protect Wild Animals

Uganda travellers getting ready to protect wild animals

For these reasons, Bamba Experience has taken a pledge with World Animal Protection to not sell or promote activities that exploit wildlife. Instead, Bamba promotes sustainable means of travel. One of our policies includes ensuring the welfare of animals affected by the tourism industry. In addition, we make sure to offer activities with high standards of conservation that protect wild animals.

We encourage our travellers to download World Animal Protection’s free guide on animal friendly tourism. Now is the time to take responsibility and to support animal conservation as much as possible. Join us in our pledge to avoid shows or venues that use wild animals in captivity and to support animal conservation projects instead. Our incredible wildlife around the world thanks you!

In the meantime, enjoy some of our responsible tours like our Gorilla Safari in Uganda, Camel Safari in Rajasthan, Amazon Manaus Jungle Adventure and more! What do you look for in a travel adventure company or provider that includes tours with wildlife? We want to hear your thoughts about this important topic – we are always looking to improve and innovate!