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The Best Places For Sunsets In Malaysia

What is it about the setting sun that gets us reaching for our cameras immediately? It’s the ancient magic of the golden hour; that fey hour before darkness falls, when the sun pulls out all the stops for a final halleluiah, turning the skies into a glory of pink, gold and orange. We seldom see the true magnificence of the sunset in our over-polluted cities. That’s why you must visit Malaysia at least once in your life, just to see the spectacular sunsets in that pristine blue sky.

1. Pink Mosque- Putrajaya

Pink Mosque- Putrajaya Malaysian Sunsets

The mosque, though fairly new, is a celebration of ancient Persian Islamic architecture, and a testament to local craftsmanship. The mosque makes a breathtaking sight, both during the day and at night. However, it’s when the setting sun’s rays hit it that the mosque transforms into something unbelievably lovely. It’s sheer poetry in stone, and a favorite of photographers from around the world. The pink mosque is grandeur itself.


2. Broga Hill

Broga Hill- Malaysian Sunsets

Broga Hill is famous for its lovely lush greenery, plentiful wildlife and panoramic views. People travel from near and far just to watch the sun rise and set from the top of Broga Hill.  The hill has 3 viewing points; there’s one at 880 feet, one at 1150 feet, and the third is at the very top, at 1312 feet. It takes about 60 minutes to get to the top, but the views are worth it.


3. Heli Lounge Bar

Heli Lounge Bar- Malaysian Sunsets

Heli Lounge Bar is a helipad situated on top of Menara KH. Here you can nurse your favorite drink and train your eyes skywards at the golden hour to watch the glorious sunset. When the burning glory in the sky becomes too much for you, you can always enjoy the stunning 360-degree views of Kuala Lumpur.


4. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands- Malyasian Sunsets

As you drive through the cool tea plantations in the scenic mountains of the Scotland of the East, stop at a high point at the golden hour. Watch in silence as the skies burst into the most brilliant oranges, pinks and gold, lighting up the beautiful green landscape in a magical glow that you won’t be forgetting for a while. The Cameron Highlands is one of the BEST places for sunsets in Malaysia.


5. Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur- Malaysia Sunsets

Bukit Tabur is a green hill in Selangor, with several hiking trails. Find a perfect perch on one of the peaks of Bukit Tabur to catch great views of the spectacular mountain sunset and the Kuala Lumpur skyline.  Don’t forget to take a good camera to get your Instagram- worthy pictures!


6. Klebang Sand Dunes- Melaka

Klebang Sand Dunes- Melaka Sunsets

The government has been reclaiming land for some time in Klebang, resulting in the buildup of huge sand dunes. As the rays of the setting sun spreads over them, these huge dunes take on an otherworldly aspect. For a few minutes, you’ll think you’ve landed on Mars or some other far off planet! It’s well worth getting a Malaysia Visa to see it for yourself!

I think we are all ready to catch some of these amazing sunsets! Check out Bamba’s Malaysia tours and start your adventure!