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3 California Hiking Trails with Paranormal Activity

California, the Golden State, is famous for many things: sunny weather, fantastic beaches, the home of Hollywood and a rich and varied history giving tourists plenty to do. As well as these well-known attractions, it is also famous for having a number of haunted trails which would test the bravest of hikers.

Here are just a few that will be sure to spook anyone:


Chilnualna Falls Trail, Yosemite National Park

According to Native Indian folklore, as you hike down the trail towards the Grouse Lake, you will witness the site of where a boy once drowned. Here, you can hear the crying of this boy. Those who hear this are believed to suffer the same fate. To make matters worse, the Miwok tribe say the waterfalls are haunted by Po-Ho- No, an evil wind that lures hikers to the edge where they fall to their death.


Black Star Canyon

A dark and disturbing past haunt this hiking trail. Native American legend has it that in 1831, that a group of white fur trappers took to the canyon and launched an attack on the local Indians who they believed had stolen their horses. It was a bloody affair with many deaths, leaving behind the ghosts of the tribe that suffered. Since there has been horrifying murders and rapes with hikers saying they have seen hooded figures and movement in the trees.


Murphy Ranch

Originally created by Nazi sympathizers back in the 1930s who believed that America would fall to the Nazis. Instead, as history dictated, it was closed by the US authorities. Since it has become a playground with the old buildings transformed into blank canvases for graffiti artists. Reports that when it was active, local children went missing with their whereabouts unknown. All that is left now is a creepy disused ranch where the horrors of the past still linger.