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Choose an Alternative Spring Break “For Good” This Good Deeds Day!

Colourful poster for good deeds day detailing the top 4 reasons people volunteer

The countdown has begun!  Good Deeds Day is coming up this Sunday, April 2nd.

Have you ever considered getting something more out of your Spring Break trip? Laying on a beach sipping margaritas does sound like a well-deserved break from your routine work or university grind, but what if your Spring Break could leave you feeling more fulfilled?  How so, you ask?  Easy!  By giving back to the local communities in which we travel.

Travellers are choosing increasingly meaningful ways of experiencing the world, with voluntours becoming extremely popular over the past few years. For a deeper travel experience, a genuine connection with local culture, and a trip that focuses on cultural exchange rather than consumption, we encourage you to opt for an alternative Spring Break this year! Grab your friends, roll up your sleeves, and do some volunteering in between beach days in the local community where you will be travelling.

Bamba Experience encourages all travellers worldwide to embrace the concept of Good Deeds Day (@GoodDeedsDay) and promote acts of kindness across the globe. The founder of this concept, philanthropist Shari Arison, believes that we can all easily improve the lives of others (and ourselves) regardless of size or shape of our good deeds.  No act of kindness is too small. Even acts as simple as eating at locally-owned restaurants and shopping for souvenirs at local stands or marketplaces is a great way to make sure your money has a positive impact on hard-working local families.

If you’re looking for more involved ways to participate, check out our amazing Voluntours in South Africa, Kenya, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Drop us an email if one of these sparks your interest! Join us in spreading good across the globe as you travel to new places and interact with local communities in a meaningful way.