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Common Travel Scams & How to Avoid Them (Part 2)

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This is the second part of our previous post “Common Travel Scams & How to Avoid Them“, providing you some more insights into typical travel scams:

taxi scam

Fraudulent Taxi Drivers & Faulty Meters

A common problem every traveller faces in a new country is figuring out whether to trust the taxi driver (and not just in a Scorsese kind of way.) Sometimes the driver might charge you a ridiculously high price or drive you the long way around to keep the meter running. Once you have boarded their taxi, they might even tell you that the meter is broken and will quote a high price for the trip. Taxis near airports or bus stations are especially known to fleece people like this. Not all cab drivers are like this, of course, but you gotta be careful.

What to do?

It’s always best to get a licensed cab, and always check if the meter is working fine. Speak to a local to get an idea about pricing before booking a taxi, and talk to the driver about his meter and his pricing before you get into the cab.

attractions scam

Closed Attractions

In some countries, street salesman or taxi drivers will inform you that the particular attraction, shop, or market that you want to visit is closed for construction or a religious holiday, offering you another place. This is because if you visit that place they suggest, they will make some money as commission from that destination.

What to do?

Be wise and speak to your hotel staff or tourist information centres to confirm.

bike scam

Bike Rentals

Renting a bicycle, motorbike, or scooter for a day or two to discover a city sometimes creates more troubles than you can imagine. The owner can claim that the bike is damaged or not in the condition as it was when you rented it. They might demand more money or take you to an expensive repair shop to get compensated. Sometimes they even send out their minions to damage the bike or get it stolen. But since you have deposited your passport or money as security, you are helpless in that situation.

What to do?

Hire from a trusted and recommended place and always take photos of the bike from all angles with the owner. Make sure you get your own lock for the bike and store it in a safe place.

girls scam

Lovely Ladies

For men, sometimes you see that many local women are showing interest in you. Some might be genuinely interested, but some are just there to take advantage. They might chat you up in a local bar or café and spend time with you while enjoying their favourite drink or invite you to an expensive nightclub, but after some time you notice that she has disappeared, leaving a hefty bill for you to pay or she might just nick your wallet while cozying up to you.

What to do?

If you are just an ordinary looking guy who doesn’t speak the local language and some very attractive woman is hitting on you, then it’s probably best to check your ego and play wise.

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