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Cuzco International Recognition

Cuzco international recognition ranks it as the best destination to visit and the most affordable place in South America.

Cusco International Recognition 2015
Cusco International Recognition 2015: Best Destination to Visit and Most Affordable Place in South America

The US portal US News and World Report, in its section Rankings & Advice, gives Cuzco international recognition as the best destination to visit, and the most affordable place in South America.

This ranking is published every year and is read by over 214 million people. To achieve the results, experts’ opinions on the subject are consulted as well as feedback from the readers of the portal.

“We are proud that Cuzco has been recognized over cities like Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires,” said Magali Silva, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism.

The US portal referred to Cuzco as “destination opulent temples, towering cathedrals and heavenly Machu Picchu, which offers access to premier sites at affordable prices.”

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Source: El Comercio