Discover the World through Photos: Turkey

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Starting with its geological location, Turkey, located on the Mediterranean Sea, has most of its territory in West Asia and the Middle East, and a small part in South-Eastern Europe. This makes Turkey one of the most diverse countries of the old world. With its history also full of invasions, rebellions and ongoing immigration, the country is now a mash-up of ethnic groups and very different cultures that, throughout history, have left indelible marks within the very diverse landscapes of Turkey. From the dome-and-minaret skyline of Istanbul to Roman ruins along the Mediterranean coast; from the coastal steep slopes of Lycia to the beautiful beaches of Pamphylia and the snowy Eastern mountains; from the crazy parties of Bodrum to the Middle East flavours of South-Eastern Anatolia cities; from the misty mountains of Eastern Black Sea to the wide steppe of Central Anatolia.

Beside the historical and natural attractions, there is a lot to be admired about modern-day Turkey. A city like Istanbul, which is not the capital but still the pulse of the country, offers numerous Roman aqueducts, Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques, as well as many cafes, bazaars, turkish baths, and clubs to go dancing at night. Still, the country is large, and Istanbul is just one part of it. If you are a beach lover, you can relax and enjoy sunbathing in the popular resorts of Bodrum, Marmaris and Izmir. Ankara, the unlikely capital city, is not as attractive but it is perfect to understand the contrast between the modern part of the city and the old citadel which still remains intact, also being a lot less European than the famous Istanbul.

With all its history, Turkey is nowadays a bustling and dynamic society in the process of cultural, economic and political changes, while consciously retaining the best of its multicultural heritage and tradition of hospitality: the friendliness of the Turkish people which makes visiting an even greater pleasure. Indeed you can offend someone for declining an invitation, and find yourself making friends through the simplest transaction.

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