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Discovering Istanbul & Cappadocia


Discover Istanbul & Cappadocia. A wellspring of civilization nestled right in the meeting point of two great continents, Turkey is a country where fascinating history and cultural riches adorn every street corner.

Turkey has a history of Greek and Roman cities, old-world Islamic towns, Byzantine tombs, and Ottoman palaces. Mixed to it, limestone caves and castles, snow-clad mountains, sparkling Mediterranean coastline, spectacular canyons, and natural rock formations, are some of the remarkable things to discover in this post Ottoman Empire.

This post will tell you what to do and see in Istanbul & Cappadocia, two famously attractive areas of Turkey.


Istanbul is a fragrant mix of art galleries, side walk cafes, kebab shops, buzzing bazaars, and energetic nightclubs, mixed with some of the most magnificent skylines in the world, with mosques’ ornate domes and minarets dotting the horizon.

Start your day by exploring the highlights of Istanbul’s Old City with an expert local guide who can take you around the historic European side of the city and show you interesting local places. Grab a coffee and snack from a Turkish cafe along the way as you discover many important points of interest. Take a walk to the ancient Hippodrome, followed by the Sokullu Mehmet Pasa Mosque, home to an impressive collection of Iznik tiles and known by many as an architectural marvel.

Discover local craftsmanship near the Grand Bazaar, the largest and oldest covered market, home to a dizzying array of over 4,000 shops; and do not miss the book bazaar. The Hagia Sophia museum, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet Mosque and Basilica Cistern are some other impressive must-see sites.

A leisurely and relaxing experience awaits you as you take a tour of the Turkish baths. Often referred to as a hammam, this is an essential part of any visit to Istanbul and will leave you feeling refreshed. After freshening up, party-seekers can go out and enjoy the ever-growing array of clubs, cafes, bars, and live music venues this cosmopolitan city has to offer.


Cappadocia is a province filled with breathtaking mountains, valleys, and caves. Its stupendous landscapes immersed in history offer many diverse and unforgettable experiences.

You will encounter fascinating limestone rock formations as you enter the town of Goreme. Visit the Goreme open air museum to discover the rock churches of Old Goreme. Take a tour to Cevizli to see caves, ancient man-made pigeon houses, and the stunning Uchisar Castle. Visit the unique rock formations of the ‘love valley’, and the small town of Avanos, with its traditional Hittite-style ceramics. Admire the beautiful artwork and learn the art of creating ceramics yourself. A must see,  is the Pasabag ‘Monks’ Valley, home of the most striking fairy chimneys of the country; and Devrent Valley, the uninhabited area known for small, alien-looking rock formation.

Dig deeper into Cappadocian history as you visit Goreme Panorama, a spectacular viewpoint. From here begins the journey to Derinkuyu, the deepest underground city of the region. Continue to the Ihlara Valley, and take a walk along the Melendiz river to Belisirma to explore the numerous churches hidden in the cliffs.

After the tour of these two Turkish essentials, you will definitely want to explore every corner of this amazing empire.

Discover Istanbul & Cappadocia with Bamba. Experience Istanbul with a local guide, and explore rock-cut churches, monasteries, and fairy chimneys in Cappadocia.