You are currently viewing Eat, Pray, & Love Your Way Through Southeast Asia! Our Tips to Travel in the Region

Eat, Pray, & Love Your Way Through Southeast Asia! Our Tips to Travel in the Region

Travel to Southeast Asia and explore the sights, sounds, and sizzling foods of this tropical region of the world with our expert travel tips!

Ubud - Travel to Southeast Asia

1. THAILAND: Eat, Pray, & Love

From Bangkok to Chiang Mai to Phuket, Thailand has it all: jungles, beaches, and city life well within reach. How many countries in the world can offer you all of that?

Thai Food

A quick google search of Southeast Asian cuisine and you’ll find thai food at the top of everybody’s list. In Bangkok, enjoy tasty street food like thai rice with curry and pad thai, or dine out in style and savour traditional dishes like spicy stir-fried crab meat and massaman curry.

Buddhist Temples

Over 90% of the Thai population identifies as Buddhist. No matter where you are, it’s impossible not to run into beautiful ornate temples high up on mountains like the famous Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai.

Island Hopping

Pristine beaches you only thought existed in Hollywood movies, Phuket is practically beach paradise. Eat a nice meal in Patong overlooking the Andaman sea, sunbathe in Kata Noi beach, or take Instagram worthy selfies in Maya Beach aka “The Beach.”

Travel to Southeast Asia - Female posing with boats on a Thailand shore

2. LAOS: Eat & Love

Laos’ pristine countryside and enchanting culture will leave you in awe, from its verdant jungles to its cerulean waters. Make sure to add Laos next time you travel to Southeast Asia.

Lunch in Laos

Sticky rice is a must-have in Laos and you’ll certainly be eating it with every meal if you decide to do a homestay in the beautiful countryside. Enjoy a mouthwatering Sindad (Lao barbecue) experience and top it off with a traditional dessert called Khao Tom, a handmade steamed food made of sticky rice (sticky rice is everywhere!) and coconut cream.

For the Love of Waterfalls

If you can shake off your sticky rice food coma, then you’re not going to want to miss the famous Kuang Si Waterfall. Continue the water-filled fun with a sporty kayaking and tubing adventure in Vang Vieng!

travel to southeast asia - Laos Kuang Si Falls

3. VIETNAM: Eat & Love

Experience Vietnam’s history and highlights from Hanoi to Saigon with amazing and unforgettable foods, adventures, and panoramic views like the famous limestone islands of Halong Bay!

Oh, Pho!

You think you know Pho, but you haven’t tasted the real deal until you’ve had it prepared and served for you in Vietnam. If you’re not much for noodle soups, then you must try Goi cuon (spring rolls) with Banh mi (baguette sandwich) or Bun cha (barbecued pork patties) that’ll surely leave you asking “how have I survived this long without it?”

Rice fields and Motorcycles

Fall in love with the iconic limestone karsts of Halong Bay, the hypnotizing terraced rice fields in the countryside of Hanoi, or take an exhilarating road trip on motorcycle to some of the most beautiful places in Southern Vietnam.
Travel to Southeast Asia - Bamba travellers having fun on their Halong Party Boat trip

4. CAMBODIA: Pray & Love

Travel deep into Cambodia from the exquisite temples of Angkor Wat and the Grand Circuit to the floating villages of Tonle Sap Lake.

Life Atop Water:

Make a splash in Cambodia and learn about the locals living style in the Tonle Sap floating village where you’ll see everything from a floating basketball court to a floating church.

The Grand Circuit:

See the largest religious monument in the world, Angkor Wat, and marvel at the immense beauty and scale. Equally astonishing are the famous tree-covered temples and ruins of Ta Prohm as featured in the first Tomb Raider movie.

Travel to Southeast Asia - Two Bamba travellers posing in front of Angkor Wat Temple

As mentioned before, where else can you get delicious cuisine, ornate temples and shrines, majestic wildlife in their habitat, and stunning views of mother nature’s best?

You be the judge and take our Buddha Bamba Ways trip to visit all four of these great countries.

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