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Ecuador Mandatory Yellow Fever Vaccination

Due to the increased threat of a yellow fever outbreak in South America, Ecuador is now following Bolivia’s footsteps in creating new travel restrictions for travellers coming from countries with high yellow fever infection rates.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Public Health has announced that they will now be demanding proof of vaccination at the entry of all people coming from countries with an active outbreak of yellow fever. These countries include Brazil, Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda. This measure is taken to prevent the international spread of the disease and to protect locals and travellers in Ecuador.

All passengers that are traveling directly from one of these countries should:

  1. Get vaccinated at least 10 days before their trip
  2. Carry the certificate of the vaccination with them while entering the country

If you are travelling to travel to Ecuador from any of these countries, we encourage you to get vaccinated as soon as possible, as there is a vaccine shortage in some areas.

If you are not travelling from Brazil, Angola, DRC, or Uganda, you can enter Ecuador without any extra requirements.