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Explore South Korea: Our Tips For A Great Adventure

South Korea is a country steeped in tradition and culture, and can be commonly overlooked when travellers are planning their trip around Asia. There is so much to discover from the stunning temples, to the delicious food and we have one Bamba team member who was eager to explore South Korea, and find out more. We chatted with Renee about his South Korean adventure to find out  what he loved, what he did, and what tips he would give to his fellow travellers.

What was your most incredible moment?

The view from the top of the ski jump for the Winter Olympics- Explore South Korea

I had so many great moments! My first 3 days were in Pyeong Chang and about the Winter Olympics. Our tour guides showed us to the ski jump area, which is still being constructed. We even went to the very top where the athletes will launch, I felt like I was an athlete ready to make the jump. It was so amazing- the Winter Olympics will be starting in February next year.

What Was Your Favourite Place?

- Explore South Korea

It’s so hard to choose! One special memory I have is of my stay in Suwon. We travelled to this Buddhist temple in the mountains and changed our clothing to more traditional ones, the same robes that some monks would wear, and we had a tea ceremony as well as early morning meditations and walks through the mountains. It was truly a magical experience.


How Did You Find The Local Culture?

The traditional clothing worn with pride- Explore South Korea

I really liked that the people wore traditional clothes, and not just for special occasions. They would just wear it because they liked it, which I thought was very interesting and nice. It would be similar to the traditional Manta clothing in Mexico. They seemed to have a really good balance between modern life and the ancient traditions.


Did you enjoy the food?

Amazing and traditional cuisines- Explore South Korea

Fortunately for me, Korean food is vegetarian friendly. It’s quite spicy and they use a lot of rice,  with different vegetables but,  their main dishes are usually with meat, pork, and chicken. And generally when you go to buy some food or souvenirs at the markets, I found that the people are really honest, and nice to negotiate with. I never found that anything was too expensive.


What Tips Do You Have For Some Of Our Bamba Travellers?

Renee enjoying his travels through South Korea -Explore South Korea

Be open to new experiences, and indulge in the culture. I would definitely advise to learn a few Korean words to show your interest in their language and culture, like please and thank you. But I found that English was widely spoken and I didn’t have too much trouble being understood. It was a truly amazing experience, and would advise any of our Bamba travellers to explore South Korea!

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