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How to Find Cheap Flights

You want to travel, but you have a tight budget, and when you’re ready to buy the flight, disaster strikes…the price has shot up.

Don’t panic, you can still get there — here are some solutions to finding cheap flights:

Clear your cookies

When you search flights, your navigator keeps cookies, and the websites of the airlines keep track of your interest. To push you into buying and to exploit your interest in the flight, prices ascend when you return to the site. So, clean your cookies or visit in incognito mode for fairer rates.

Be flexible and choose the right day

Some events push up prices. Carnival in Rio, Spring Break in Mexico, Christmas or the new year, for example, are not the best times for budget travel. On many flight comparison websites you can search the cheapest prices in a month, so you can easily compare dates. There are also months and days that are cheaper than others. Generally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly. The most travel demand falls on Fridays and Sundays, when tourists and business travellers are trying to get away for the weekend. If you need to go during a weekend, Saturday afternoon is a good compromise. So, avoid the high-traffic days, and you’ll find more affordable options!

Take advantage of mistakes

Airline companies sometimes publish mistakes on flight prices. Use to know the latest opportunities. There is not a lot of leeway and you must be quick, but you can save a bundle if you are flexible with dates and destinations.

Select the best comparison websites

There are many comparison websites that belong to airline companies, or which work with them. For this reason the offers on many sites might be biased, and frequently the low-cost companies aren’t integrated on the results because they don’t pay commission. Furthermore, most of those websites make money with the advertising, not with the actual bookings. So, be careful and always check various comparison websites. We recommend,, or .

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Leave it to destiny!

There are some comparison websites where you don’t have to enter a specific destination. In this way you can embrace your fate and let the web lead you to the cheapest destinations. It’s a good opportunity if you just want adventure and don’t have a specific destination in mind.