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5 Things To Do In Pamplona That Aren’t Running Of The Bulls

It may be famous for the Running of The Bulls, but Pamplona has a lot more to offer than risking your life by running in front of raging bulls. Pamplona has a vibrant culture and a proud history, it was once the Capital of the Kingdom of Navarra, waiting to be explored. So put away your red flags and running shoes and discover what else Pamplona has to offer.

Casco Viejo – Old Town

Cobblestone streets and brightly coloured houses make Old Town a pretty and popular place for both locals and visitors to explore. On foot is definitely the best way to explore this part of the city, as many of the most beautiful streets are too narrow for buses or cars. One of the highlights of Old Town is the Castle Square (Plaze de Castillo), lined with cafes, restaurants and hotels it’s an ideal stop for lunch or a glass of wine.

The Churches

With churches dating back to the 1100’s, whether you are religious or not, Pamplona’s churches and a piece of their history that shouldn’t be missed. Although not as old as some of the other churches in Pamplona the main Cathedral, Santa Maria, is a Gothic temple containing many artistic and historical treasures.

Casa Consistorial – City Hall

City Hall in Pamplona Spain

The construction of City Hall was ordered by King Charles III in 1423, since then it has been demolished and rebuilt twice. Despite the rebuilding, City Hall still pays tribute to the baroque civil architecture and neoclassical styles. It was once a symbol of peace, built between the three neighbourhoods of the three ethnics groups of the City, and is now still an important landmark in Pamplona.

The Medieval City Wall

Old medieval City Wall in Pamplona, Spain

Much of the wall that once surrounded Pamplona was demolished in 1915, when the city expanded, but some sections still remain. One way to discover what’s left of the wall is to walk along it. One of the more beautiful walks, and the longest, will take you by the Santa Maria Cathedral and well as the Navarre Museum. The route begins at the Center of Interpretation, where you can learn about the history of the wall, and ends at the New Gate (Portal Nuevo).

The Parks

Archs in half moon park Pamplona

Step back into nature by stepping into one of the many beautiful parks around Pamplona. Taconera Park is the oldest park in Pamplona which can be entered through Saint Nicolas Gate, one of the original entry points to the City through the old City Wall.

The newest park, Yamaguchi Park, is a beautiful spot that was designed by Japanese landscape architects in 1997. The other parks Parque del Mundo and the Arga park, though less famous are none the less worth a visit.

If you’ve been to Pamplona and think we missed anything, let us know about it in the comment section below.

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