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Gift Experiences, Not Things

If you are like me, then you consider yourself some sort of traveller and greatly enjoy your adventures on the road. It’s hard to get enough: travel addiction is a real deal. Maybe you are currently planning and anticipating your next trip? Trying all sorts of scheduling manoeuvres? Still researching options? What’s more, looking back on purchases made, have experiences made you happier than any new possessions you spent money on? Actually,  did you know science backs all this up?

So, why not gift an experience this year? With the festive season upon us, we have some awesome gift ideas below!


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Research over the past decade has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than possessions do. While there are many elements to it, one key conclusion is that waiting for an experience comes with a feeling of excitement.

The uncertainty of what said experience is going to bring is fascinating and compelling. Ultimately, anything can happen on a trip, right? On the contrary, waiting for a material good is more likely to be met with impatience.

And let’s face it: when buying something material, you kind of know what you’re going to get in advance… 

With a growing tendency towards investing in experiences over things, read on to find our gift ideas for the travel lover!

Top Tips for Gifting an Experience

First, it is important to keep the following points in mind:

  1. Some people love a weekend city break while others prefer escaping to the beach. Or are they into something more specific, like a safari or camping? Before gifting an experience, try to understand what type of experience will be enjoyed to the fullest.
  2. Decide on whether to gift a solo experience or one with a travel buddy. This can make or break the trip!
  3. Unless you know the recipient very well, be careful booking anything with non-flexible travel options – maybe they have something else planned. 

Whatever you may have in mind, the very peculiarities that make travelling so special is also what can make experience gifts challenging to give.

In the end, though, don’t stress too much about it. Openly discuss your intention of gifting an experience, keep in mind that even imperfect experiences make for a great story, right?

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Experience Gift Ideas

Food Tours are one of the best ways to experience both new as well as familiar places. Sampling new dishes with appetizing flavours makes for an amazing cultural experience. 

If you have a music festival lover in mind, South America offers an opportunity to indulge in nature and learn about new cultures while hosting an array of festivals too. Why not combine it all into one trip? From a National Park in Colombia to an incredible adventure experience to Iguazu Falls, Bamba has you covered. Heading to Rock in Rio? A shorter day trip may suit you better. 

The same applies for those who love travel and movies, travel and sports, etc.

Those based in colder, northern climates are possibly looking for warmer alternatives this holiday season. For last-minute holidays that are still affordable, take a look at our suggestions over here.

Maybe you cannot decide who to gift an experience. Well, perhaps you can help us out. In April 2019, Bamba for Good is teaming up with Futbol for Kids and Foster Soccer for the second time. Our goal is to bring more resources to the primary school children in remote Andean villages. Experiences we are used to at home (and seek abroad) are those we hope to provide for the families and children of tourism workers on the Inca Trail. Donations of any kind are genuinely appreciated and no amount is too small!

What would be your ideal travel gift experience? Let us know in the comment section below.

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