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How To Survive Airport Layovers Without Spending Money


Airport layovers might be the least fun part of traveling. Not only are you cooped up, but you don’t even have an awesome view like you do when you’re up in the air! Here are some money-saving tips for when you have to pause your adventure to wait for your next flight.

Watch Netflix

A layover is the perfect time to catch up on your favorite series or watch all those movies waiting around in your queue. It’s a perfect airport activity because it’s interesting but still allows you to keep an eye on any news that may affect you. (Maybe your departure time was moved up!) Make sure you bring headphones so that you can hear your movie above the airport din without disturbing others around you.

For an exciting spin, see if you can find movies or documentaries about your destination. You may even come across video that will help you practice your language skills!

There are also many ways you can optimise and enhance your Netflix viewing experience. Tailor your experience to suit your needs with the best Netflix hacks.

Warning: Public, unsecured WiFi such as the type usually found in airports is a real hazard to your security. Don’t begin your awesome adventure by getting your identity stolen—make sure you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN is security technology that will create a tunnel from your phone, laptop or tablet straight to the websites you’re visiting, preventing anyone unauthorized from hijacking your info. But it also helps you bypass geo-restrictions when you’re in countries where Netflix, or at least American Netflix, is blocked. 

Bring Your Own Food


Unfortunately, a jar of peanut butter won’t make it through security, but you have plenty of quality food options if you don’t want to break your budget at airport restaurants. For example, small packages of hummus or applesauce, mixed nuts, sandwiches, granola bars and fresh vegetables will all make it through your flight unrefrigerated, so you can chow down during your layover.

Stretch Your Legs

You’re always saying you need to exercise more, and here’s the perfect opportunity. It doesn’t cost anything to shoulder your carry-on bag and burn some calories. Plus, it will feel really good after sitting for your first flight!

Take a Nap

Not everyone is comfortable sleeping in an airport, but if you’re one of the lucky few, then you should take advantage of it. Tuck your carry-on luggage somewhere safe, such as between your feet or under your head, pop in your ear buds and drift off.

Just make sure that you set an alarm for a time well before your next departure!