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How to Travel Solo but Not Alone

A group of friends sitting around a table

Travel solo but not alone! Meeting other travellers means that there’s someone to look after your bags whilst you pop into a shop, someone to remember landmarks as you wander around with, someone to have dinner and experience the night-life with and just someone for some company. Even if you prefer figuring it all out for yourself, meeting someone, even for just a day, can make it so much easier.

This is a short guide that will help you find travel buddies anywhere you go:


The best hostels to integrate with others are the smaller, more independent ones. Speak to others in your dorm room, sit in the common area and ask people for tips on what to see and do. Ask the reception desk if they have any tours or nightly evening events which you can take for guaranteed company.

Walking Tours

Not only are they free (you just make a donation at the end), they are great for solo travellers. Keep your time free at the end for any impromptu drink or meal offers. (This also applies to any kind of day tour).


As well as being somewhere to find accommodation for the night, it’s also an online community which connects you with locals who can meet you for a coffee, dinner or show you around their home town. You can just put where you’re going to be and on which date and then let people contact you, so you don’t even have to approach anyone.

Solo Meet Ups

These are a great chance to meet other solos (hence the name) especially if you’re staying in hotels and away from sociable accommodation. You just rock up to a city, check if there is one, then turn up, plus you can choose from writing groups or various interests in over thirty-five cities too.

Language Exchanges

You can also arrange to meet people online through sites or just speak to them through Skype if you’re not in the same area. You can always do dome groundwork before you go with online programmes such as Duolingo and Conversation Exchange

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