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Ideas for Solo Travel


Solo travel can be absolutely liberating, allowing you do whatever you want whenever you want. It takes a lot of courage to go on a holiday alone, but adventure tourism, educational travel, big cities, etc. provide a lot of opportunities for solo travellers to meet new people and have an enjoyable trip.

Here are some ideas for your unforgettable solo trip:


Adventure trip

Free yourself and take a trip to some distant corner of the world. Besides seeing less-explored landscapes, having rare personal experiences, and experiencing adventure thrills, a solo adventure trip can be a great way to discover yourself. Taking part in an organized group tour can allow you to meet new people as well. Climbing to Everest Base Camp, African safaris, South American treks, and exploring jungle caves are some adventurous trips you can try.


Big places

Big cities are a good place to take a solo trip. You are more likely to find new friends in big cities. From hotel restaurants to crowded stations, you will find swarms of people everywhere. If you do an internet search you can easily find a list of cities in the world recommended especially for solo travels. London, Barcelona, and Miami are some great options to take an urban solo trip.


Educational tourism

With the advent of work-and-travel teaching programmes and volunteer tours, many more people have been able to enjoy solo travels. Many such programmes offer opportunities to travel to a new place and meet new people while exchanging some learning/skills with local people. These programmes focus on environmental, educational, and social needs of that particular place. These trips are a great way to experience solo travel as well as to learn from another culture and make a positive societal impact.


Resort vacation

Sometimes a quiet, luxurious break is all you need. Relaxing and treating yourself to a resort vacation is a great solo escape. There are many beachside resorts and hotels around the world to experience the perfect solo stay. It will also provide you an opportunity to meet fellow travellers in bars, spas, and swimming pools.