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Island Hopping: Backpacking Your Way Through the Balearic Islands

Exploring the wonders of Spain is a dream journey in itself; but there’s more to the country than its mainland. In fact, the journey really begins when you head off to the East where the Balearic Islands lie across the Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago, made up of four major islands, attracts all kinds of adventure-seekers but it’s also a haven for those who just want to laze under the sun. Don’t say goodbye to Spain just yet as The Balearics definitely require a trip too. 

A group of people in bathers standing on the rocks on one of the Balearic Islands


Possibly one of the most well-known islands in Europe is Ibiza. Living up to its promise by providing tourists with unlimited fun and excitement. The best and most affordable option of getting to this small island is by air. You can also go the long route, on a boat from Barcelona. It might be tagged as a party town, but you can do so much more than dance to thumping music in Ibiza’s many superclubs. The White Isle’s 24-hour itinerary showcases some of the more adrenaline-pumping activities. Including parasailing and diving to see a bit of what the underwater life has to offer. But of course, don’t miss out on the chance to party Ibiza-style either. 

A group of men sitting at a table next to a wharf on the Balearic Islands


For a mix of Spanish and Italian cultures, Formentera is the place to be. The New York Times describes it as the antidote to Ibiza. It is still relatively untouched and has a more serene vibe. There are caves and lighthouses worth exploring, white stone villages to stroll through, endemic seaweed protected by UNESCO and of course, crystal-clear waters to swim in. Get your seasick patches ready as the only way to Formentera is by ferry.

A large stone building in the Balearic Islands


The pearl of the Mediterranean is also the largest of the Balearic Islands. Mallorca is a paradise on earth that’s become a favourite of celebrities and royals, namely the Spanish Royals. This Catalan-speaking island has beaches and mountains, old architectural sites and enchanting old towns. It even served as an inspiration to famous artists including Chopin and Robert Graves. More recently, its worldwide reputation has been bolstered by the popular ITV2 show Love Island. Love Island’s latest run concluded in July with Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer prevailing as the show’s favourite couple. On the show, viewers are given a taste of Mallorca as contestants frolic in one of the island’s laid-back villas. But if you want to see for yourself what the island has to offer, you can either get on a plane or a ferry to Mallorca. 

A man surfing in front of a bring orange and yellow sunset


Board a boat to the northeastern side of Mallorca and you’ll dock on its sister island, Menorca. Take some time to learn how to windsurf or sail which can be done at the Bay of Fornells. Go horseback riding in Cami de Cavalls, or hike up the Monte Toro to see the rest of the island from its highest point. Of the four major islands, it’s much more sedate, offering a perfect end to a jam-packed backpacking run.

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