Japan’s Natural Wonders: Three Must-See Destinations for Every Adventure Traveller

a favorite for japan's natural wonders are the many forests that sprawl the country

You might think Japan is nothing more than a bustling and metropolitan country. A place saturated with media and technology, from their iconic manga books and Harajuku girls, to world famous J-Pop bands and Japanese soap operas. However, far too many are unaware of Japan’s natural wonders! Its rustic countryside filled with mountains. Its surreal mystic forests. And its mellow beach cities. This is the Japan that every adventure traveller should know! 

Japan Alps: A Hike Hidden in Plain Sight

another underrated favourit eof japan's natural wonders are the Japanese Alps

Mount Fuji is a classic favourite when it comes to hiking in Japan. But if you’re looking for something a little more understated then you can’t go wrong with the Japanese Alps of Honshu. You’ll find a variety of hiking trails. Some are easy, others are challenging. But whichever you choose, you’ll certainly be rewarded with awe-inspiring views. So pack your hiking boots soon because now (between June and September) is the best time to travel the Japanese Alps. 

Seifa Utaki: Get Lost in the Magic of Japan’s Forests

very few people know of this japanese natural wonder: the seifa utaki forest

According to studies, forests cover almost 70% of Japan’s land! This makes it one of the most densely forested industrialised countries in the world next to Sweden and Finland. So there’s no reason not to visit one of the many beautiful and mystifying forests of this island country. One forest you have to visit is Seifa Utaki, home to one of Japan’s oldest religions: shinto (the worship of nature). Enjoy a trek through some of the most sacred paths taken by locals and generations past and pay homage to mother nature as you enjoy your hike through these magical woods.

Kamakura Beach: Japan’s Original Capital

the last of japan's natural wonders is kamakura city and beach

Tokyo might be the current capital of Japan but Kamakura will always be the capital of sun, surf, sand, and sky. Once Japan’s capital during Medieval times, now an easy-going city with an ever-growing food and beer tasting scene. This is one city you cannot miss out on if you’re looking to escape Tokyo’s hustle-and-bustle.

Now that you know about the less travelled hotspots, you can plan your trip to Japan with Bamba today and experience it for yourself. Any other must-sees in Japan you recommend? Let us know in the comments below!