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Lonely Planet Names Colombia as a Top Country to Visit in 2017

Colombia is steadily expanding tourism industry just received a hefty boost. Lonely Planet, perhaps the most respected travel guide in the world, has named this South American gem as their second best place to visit in 2017, just behind Canada. Lonely Planet’s announcement has been widely publicized and celebrated in Colombia’s local news, and hopefully marks a new, fruitful chapter for this kind and colourful country.

As the only South American country on the list, Lonely Planet’s endorsement is a huge boon for Colombia, a developing nation that has dealt with many struggles with security in the past several decades. The people of Colombia have fought incredibly hard to establish peace in the wake of tragic and bloody civil war, and this achievement is a prominent marker of how far they’ve come.

What Colombia lacks in world wonders and iconic sites, it more than makes up for in culture, cuisine, and incredible nature. This warm, welcoming place is ideal for backpackers, nature lovers, and anyone wanting to get away from the crowd and connect with a genuine South American experience.

After so many years of financial hardship and governmental instability, Colombia’s comeback is incredibly heart-warming and well-deserved. Here at Bamba we’ve loved and supported Colombia since the beginning, from the majestic Lost City to the pristine Caribbean coast, and we couldn’t be happier to see that more travellers will soon be discovering this unforgettable place.


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