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Why We Love Hop-On Hop-Off Passes

Deciding how you want to travel is never easy. You can book a tour and have all the dirty work done for you, but then you’re stuck to a strict schedule. Or you can plan it all on the fly, but you risk running out of money or missing important sites. With Hop-On Hop-Off passes (or HOHO passes) you get the best of both worlds and much more, there is just so much to love!


The Flexibility

The best part of independent travel is arguably the freedom of it. No alarm clock telling you to get up and go to work or school. No set obligations for the day. If you make plans and they fall through, you’re cool with it. With Hop-On Hop-Off passes there is no tour leader or set schedule. You move at your own pace, with your own people or on your own. You pick where you want to stay and how long you want to stay there. But each night you can sleep soundly knowing your transport is covered.

Pay Before You Go

ALL. TRANSPORT. INCLUDED. IN. PASS. PRICE. You heard me right, there will be no calling your parents for money to get you back to the airport. No pulling out your guitar to busk for a bus fare back to the city. No skipping meals so you have enough money for a taxi back to your hostel. You get the drift. You pay for it all before you arrive at your destination, but you still have the flexibility of booking your transport while you’re there.

Meeting Like-Minded Travellers

Making new friends is a side effect of travelling, whether you are travelling solo or in a group. With the HOHO passes you’ll be sitting next to like-minded travellers for hours on end. You’ll find yourself thinking how lucky you were that you took that particular bus, from that particular place, at that particular time, to be sitting next to that particular person. Hop-On Hop-off passes? More like serendipity passes.

Meeting The Locals

Sure you might get on a few private shuttles using your HOHO pass but the majority of the time you’ll be on safe, reliable and comfortable public transport. If, when visiting a new country, you just want to sit in a hotel room with other tourists maybe HOHO is not for you. But if you want to really explore a country, meet the locals, learn about the culture and get out of the tourist bubble then HOHO is a go-go.

Included Experiences

“What?” You may ask, “Hop-On Hop-Off passes includes more than just transport?”. Yes, yes they do. There are tonnes of amazing day trips or even multi-day trips you can take with your pass. There are adventure trips, historical explorations, escapes in nature, and more cultural activities than you can shake a stick at! Best of all you only do the things you want, if you just want to go beach hopping then go beach hopping. It’s your trip after all.



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And if you’re still not sure how the whole Hop-On Hop-Off pass thing works, read more about it here.