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Marrakesh – Sub-tropical Paradise


A busy, old walled city with narrow maze-like streets, surrounded by modern neighbourhoods, Marrakesh appears to be the quintessential ‘sub-tropical paradise’. Forget all those vacations that can be summarized on a postcard. This city leaves you with photos that require further interpretation. Marrakesh offers exotic insights into Arabic traditions, astonishing natural beauty, plush accommodations, and spectacular Atlas Mountains. Also known as the red city, it is full of magical experiences such as lush tropical gardens, refreshing hammans, belly dancing, chaotic markets, desert safaris, and traditional Moroccan cuisine among others.

When to go?

It’s a year round destination. It sees the best of both spring and autumn with almost sunny days and tolerable temperatures accompanied with not too chilly nights. Although summers can be quite hot with temperatures soaring up to 40 degree Celsius. Winters are usually warm with less crowded markets but a considerable drop in temperatures at night.

What to do?

You can undertake these following journeys in and around this magical city which are bound to fascinate you.


Walk, Shop & Eat: Take a walk along the tangled alleys of the souks (markets) in Medina (old part of the city). Discover an array of souks such as the crafts souk, babouche (handcrafted slippers) souk, dyers souk, carpet souk and a string of boutiques and emporia. Edged alongside the souks is Jemaa el-Fnaa, the main square marketplace with a crazy atmosphere. There are vendors selling cut coconuts and fruits, snakes dancing to the tunes of snake charmers, medicine sellers selling traditional medicines, musicians playing on the streets, fortune tellers, tattoo artists, etc. In the evening, the square is filled up with people who line up to be served the best Moroccan street food from grills and steaming cauldrons. Relish a variety of food such as b’ssara soup, kebabs and calamari grilled sardines, chicken tagine with caramelized pumpkin and lots more.

Vintage Bike Ride: Going around the city in vintage motor bikes with a sidecar is another fun adventure to undertake while in Marrakesh. Enjoy half day tours of Medina (old city) and Palmeraie while exploring places that you have never seen before.

Marrakech 01 Koutobia Mosque

Sightseeing: A day trip across the city can begin with gazing at the classic 11th century Koutoubia Mosque, experiencing the Jardin Majorellel tropical gardens for exotic plants & fountains, wandering around at the opulent 19th century Bahai palace, visiting the ruins of a royal 1500s residence – the El Badi Palace and discovering Moroccan art & history at the Marrakesh Museum.

Atlas Mountains View 01

Atlas Mountains: Escape the bustle of the city and head for the magnificent Atlas Mountains while experiencing the traditional Berber culture along the way. Located at the backdrop of Marrakesh, it is an hour drive from the city. Enjoy the majestic views and breathtaking natural wonders.

La Sultana Marrakech Spa-Hammam
La Sultana Marrakech Spa-Hammam

Hammam: Besides cultural and natural wonders, the city offers refreshing hammams (hot steam baths) where you can relax and detox your body. Hammams are an ancient and intrinsic part of everyday life in Marrakesh and a place for people to socialize with the locals. They are considered as the best stress reliever across North Africa. A trip to Marrakesh is incomplete without a visit to a local Hammam.
*These are just some of the trips that you can undertake in a day or two but there are a plenty of other things to see and enjoy in this wonderful city.