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Monsoon: Tourists to miss out on many Thailand attractions

Thailand will be seeing a slow progress in tourism in the monsoons as the country needs to close down on a lot of its tourist attractions. Tour operators are against the closure decision but the authorities feel that it is necessary to close down for the preservation and revival of the ecosystem.

Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park

The Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park in Trang has been closed for the next four months during the monsoon season. The decision has been taken strictly by the tourism board despite complaints from tour operators who feel that their business will suffer.

It is important to close the park down for the safety of the tourists and also for the preservation of the ecosystem which needs a chance to recover from the damage caused by the recent tourist visits.

The four islands that will be closed down are Ko Muk, Ko Waen, Ko Cheuak and Ko Kradan — as well as the famous Morakot cave and popular diving sites in the area of Hat Chao Mai Marine National Park. The park will close down on the last day of this month.

The announcement was made in April 20 and all tour operators were informed about the Thailand‘s government decision. The closure orders were also posted at major jetties to make tourists aware. Many tour operators feel that the order is harsh and will affect many local tour operators as it will cause a loss of several million bhat. But the authorities are strict and said that if any boat tries to break the order then serious action will be taken against the offenders.

Tee Lor Su

Tee Lor Su, the largest and highest waterfall will also be closed for the next five months. Tee Lor Su officials will close the road to the waterfall till October 31 to avoid damage to the forest track in the rainy season and avoid causing disturbance to the wildlife that often come to the roadside. The closure also applies to the Mae Klong River where rubber rafting will be stopped in the rainy seasons owing to strong currents. If at all tourists are keen on visiting the area they will need to travel by foot with prior permission from the authorities.

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