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My First Flight Experience… to Beautiful Goa


I got an opportunity to visit Goa from Delhi by flight on Oct 10th, 2015. (This was my first flight experience.)

Armin (my boss) and I reached the airport at 12.00 PM. We got our tickets and then had the security check. Our Air Asia flight was scheduled to leave at 12.30 pm. The flight was on time and luckily I got the window seat (the child in me was so happy).  We were ready and waiting for the take off. Firstly the plane went on the run way till the opposite end and all the while I was feeling as if I am sitting in a bus. But finally it took an about-turn and the speed increased exponentially. Within a few seconds we were high, up in the sky. The view was breath-taking. The roads and the houses and cars seemed like toys. The actual city looked like a toy model of a city. My ears were humming initially when the plane increased the height, but later on everything was fine. After seeing this view, It felt flying like a bird in the sky. I want to try sky-diving now!

Travelling to Goa is the dream of every youth. What’s not in Goa! Beach beauty, adventure, water sports, seafood, casino, partying, nightlife, biking – all these collectively define what Goa is.

When I arrived in Goa, I took a taxi from the airport to the hotel. Wow…!! it was an amazing view. Everything was new for me. All the way to hotel I was thinking ‘where is the sea!, where is the sea!’. I asked taxi driver also – ‘Is there ocean on the way to hotel’? He was noticing me and said ‘bhaiya lagta hai kabhi samudra nhi dekha hai aapne‘ (Brother I think you have never seen the ocean). Finally, late afternoon I reached hotel (Prison Hostel).

Goa Beach

We stayed near the Anjuna Beach and my hotel was just 10 min walking distance from the beach. Now, the time has come we went to the beach called Anjuna beach. Wow! I was at the place I always wanted to see. I was standing in front of ocean.

Goa 2

After 2 days, we have decided to visit Hampi (UNESCO World Heritage site in India). We took a night bus to Hampi from Goa and we arrived the next day morning at 06.00 am. Travel to Hampi will offer a most enriching experience for travellers interested in history, art and culture. Just pack lots of water and a hat or something to protect your head from the heat. We hired a guide with a tuk tuk tour for the day. His name is Anna (the guide) and he is one of the best guides in Hampi. He drove the tuk tuk for us and he had explained everything about Hampi.

Hampi Goa

The 16th century Vitthala Temple, with its famed ‘musical’ pillars and sculpted Stone Chariot, is the main attraction that draws devotees to travel to Hampi. Another attraction is the Hanuman Temple atop Anjaneya Hill, It is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman. Other must-visits around Hampi include the Hemakuta Hill Temples, Underground Shiva Temple, Achyut Raya Temple and the Queen’s Bath. The beautiful Lotus Mahal and Elephants’ Stables are to be found here.

Hampi Stone Chariot

I had always dreamed of seeing the ocean. I had an amazing time in Goa and in Hampi. I would like to visit Goa again this year.

It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.