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Myths About Travelling


Often people are discouraged from exploring the world because of myths about travelling stability, safety, and affordability. In this post we have tried to burst that bubble and show you that you too can travel to your dream destination:

Travel is Pricey


This is the most common worry for many people, but be assured that travel does not have to break the bank. Of course a big city like London can be really expensive to visit, but most of the places on your bucket list will be easy and affordable to travel to. With some research, wise spending, and better deals, you can bring down your tour costs. Hostels, couchsurfing, and Southeast Asia in general are some good money-savers.

No Perfect Time to Book a Flight

big airplane in the sky flying over ocean

A lot of people argue that there is no perfect time to book a flight. But recent research by Expedia reveals that Tuesday and Sunday are the best days to get low air fare. Also, plan ahead! Keeping a window of 57 days before booking a domestic flight can get you a cheaper fare. With the advent of sites and apps like Skyscanner and Hitlist, tracking down cheap flights is easier than ever.

Travelling Solo is Unsafe


Your loved ones might not be very supportive of you travelling on your own, but tell them not to worry. Not just backpackers, but many people looking for a cheap and unforgettable trip love taking a solo journey. Reading tips and stories about solo travel will give you encouragement and assurance that travelling alone is a quite safe and life-changing experience.

Off-season Travel Means Second-grade Vacation


This is the biggest myth of all. The best season to travel is off-season, as it is that perfect time of the year between high and low seasons. The weather is normally decent, the place is much less crowded, and the prices are considerably lower than in high season. So always try to take a trip during off-season to enjoy a stress-free journey.

All-inclusive Means All-inclusive


Don’t be fooled by the word ‘all-inclusive’ while booking a trip. No doubt it sounds very appealing, and the thought of not having to spend while on vacation is thrilling. But when you book something “all-inclusive”, like a hotel or a cruise, make sure to check what is actually included. Many things like drinks, certain meals, and other activities and extras will require you to shell out more money than you had planned.