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Nepal is in Crisis

Nepal Earthquake relief effort Fundacion flyer

NEPAL NEEDS US (26 April 2015)

Following a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in impoverished Nepal on Saturday, April 25th, over 3,700 people are reported dead and thousands more injured. As search and rescue teams reach more remote parts of the country, these numbers are feared to rise.

Throughout the country, entire homes have been destroyed, forcing families to sleep on the streets paralysed by fears of aftershocks. People are experiencing food, water and power shortages amidst rising concerns of disease.

Nepal has asked for aid and desperately needs our help.

Bamba Experience is working hand-in-hand with an organisation called NORLHA that is committed to sustainable development in the most impoverished Himalayan communities. The organisation supports 5 villages located within the epicentre of the earthquake, in which 80% of the houses have been destroyed, and reports of casualties are rising. The NORLHA team has created a relief action plan to funnel funds and send aid directly to these villages and the people affected as quickly as possible.

Every donation counts, regardless of the amount. The Nepal relief effort begins with a small
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Please pass along this message to anyone you know through social networks, family, friends or co-workers.

Bamba Experience, NORLHA and the people of Nepal thank you.

I Want to Help Nepal


One week after the deadly earthquake that shook Nepal, killing over 7,000 people throughout the country, Norlha has received contributions from generous donors worldwide. We thank you for your support! Norlha has teamed up with local NGO’s (Sahas and Focus) to help gather and distribute relief materials as a complementary effort towards the international relief.

Rasuwa District
• Tents were delivered to several villages in Rasuwa and more villages will receive material in the coming days.
• 322 households received early relief food supplies including rice, salt and lentils
• An additional 820 households will receive further relief in coming days.

Dhading District

• In a district that is mourning more than 600 deaths, energy has been focused on bringing 3000 tents and tarps to provide shelter to the village survivors.

Communication with these districts is very difficult and often non-existent as many roads have been badly damaged and the only means of communication is through poor mobile connections. Updates will be provided as they become available.

We ask for your continued support by sharing this message with anyone you know. Every little bit helps.


Weeks after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, our local partners, NORLHA who are working with SAHAS et FOCUS on the ground, have used your valuable donations to respond to the most urgent needs in badly damaged villages. Nearly 90% of the villages near the epicentre of the earthquake are destroyed..

Despite difficult access, bags of lentils, rice, salt and oil have been distributed to 6 groups of villages. Waterproof tents and tarps have been provided for immediate relief and greenhouses have been used as homes.

There is still much more work to be done.

The main priority is obvious. It is time today to rehabilitate and reconstruct: find homes for all the villagers, reactivate all the social services (school, local health centres, etc.), clear the rubble, begin the economic activity, and engage the community into the decision process on how to reconstruct:

These isolated communities are still in need of our help. Your generous contributions are greatly appreciated.


(26 April 2015) Bamba Experience, the leading Hop-On-Hop-Off (HOHO) adventure provider has confirmed that all its customers that were in Nepal last weekend are safe and accounted for in the wake of the destructive earthquake that struck the region.

Bamba is advising that if suppliers or family and friends of those travelling with Bamba Experience have concerns about the well-being and location of anybody, they should contact our team on +44 20 3239 9604 or +52 55 5584 4401 for further information.