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Outdoors Adventure: A Theme Park Map of the USA

There’s nothing quite like roaming in the great American outdoors, with its vast diversity of landscapes. 

You can’t beat the pure joy of stopping for a moment and realising just how awesome and unlikely some of these routes can be. The people at Expedia agree, and are celebrating the awesomeness of the USA’s wild country with a new illustrated map of the United States depicting the great outdoors for the super-authentic adventure natural theme park that it truly is.


Theme Park Map- Alaska USA

So Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park becomes ‘On The Rocks’, the perpetual ice age of this Alutiiq country furnished with dozens of glaciers, and boasting real life host critters such as hoary marmots, minks, moose, meadow jumping mice, and the frankly cartoonish-sounding northern bog lemming.

West Coast

Theme Park Map- West Coast USA

On the West Coast of the USA, you may worry that you’ve missed the main show: the formation of Crater Lake through the explosive eruption of a volcano eight millennia back – recently enough to have been witnessed by Native Americans. It doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to see today: latecomers can marvel at the pure waters of the deepest, lake in the States, and the otherworldly peak that rises from the middle – giving the lake its theme park name, the ‘Bottomless Sea Soaker’.

East Coast

Theme Park Map- The East Coast USA

The East Coast has equally epic experiences you can dive in to, such as the 400-mile cave system known officially as the Mammoth Cave National Park, but to us theme park experts as ‘The Underground Labyrinth’. Meanwhile, Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park becomes ‘Cloud Islands’, as you look down from the mountaintops onto a sea of low-hanging clouds – the kind of sensual experience you’re unlikely to get at Disneyland.


Theme Park- Hawaii

And if you can drag yourself from the beach or the bar, there’s adventure to be had in Hawaii, too – at the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. Expedia have renamed the twin volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa ‘Double Trouble’ – watch out below, this lava is hot!

The Big Picture

Theme Park Map- The USA

With your map in hand, you are truly ready to explore the USA like never before!

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