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Packing List To Mount Kilimanjaro: The Items That Will Make A Difference


You have reviewed your Kilimanjaro Kit list a dozen times and are all geared up or preparing a shopping spree to your local hiking store – footwear, headgear, bags, medication, you’ll leave nothing up to chance. Here are some extra trips from climbers who have completed the trek on what to take to make your experience more pleasant and comfortable!

Bring tea bags or flavoured tablets! This might sound like trivial advice, but once you start trekking you won’t find any shops in the Kilimanjaro National Park, so you will most likely end up drinking boiled water, black tea and instant coffee for the entire duration of your trip. It can get a bit bland after 6 days. Pack tea bags, some syrup or tablets to flavour your drinks!

Mt Kilimanjaro is no Mt Everest, but the weather can get pretty chilly at night, even in the summer months. Make sure to invest in a top of the line sleeping bag that will ensure you a comfortable sleep. Spending sleepless nights shivering in a light sleeping bag is no fun, besides, you have to be well rested to conquer Uhuru Peak!


Trekking Mt Kilimanjaro is a great way to disconnect from civilisation, and with it, technology. You will hardly need your phone as there is next to no network on the mountain, however, you will probably want to take photos or read your e-book during downtime. Bring along a portable battery charger to ensure that you have enough battery when it matters the most!

Wet (baby) wipes will save you! Water is scarce on the mountain, you won’t get the opportunity to shower like you would in most campings. You usually get two small buckets of warm water a day to clean up, and it can get cold outside, so scrubbing yourself can be quite a hassle. Bring along wet wipes and disinfectant wipes to help your with you daily cleansing.

If there are snacks from home that you can’t live without – crisps, candy, crackers, nuts – bring some along, as you most likely won’t be able to purchase them in Tanzania. It can get hot during the day, so make sure you don’t pack anything that could melt in the heat.  


Lighting can be scarce: you might end up sitting in your dinner tent with one harsh headlight to illuminate the entire space. Pack small portable led lights or candles – be careful not to cause any fires!

Keeping yourself hydrated during the trek is of utmost importance, especially if you are taking pills against high altitude sickness. Bring at least two sturdy stainless steel water bottles – no plastic bottles allowed up on the mountain – and a rucksack with side pockets so you can reach for them more easily while you walk. Even better, pack a hydration bladder bag to access water conveniently.

You will constantly come across micro-climates throughout your hike, especially when you are in the clouds. Make sure to bring several layers topped by an ultra-light down jacket that you can carry in your daypack at all times.


Remember that porters will be carrying most of your gear. They can each carry up to 15 kilograms on top of their own rucksack which weighs around 8 kilograms. Pack light, do not take more clothing items or accessories than necessary, and buy smart, easily foldable and compressible gear! Enjoy your trek and don’t forget, pole pole!  


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