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Top 7 | The Most Romantic Getaways For Travelling Couples!

We are feeling inspired by old St.Valentine, and wanted to give some travel advice to all the lovebirds out there! Why not make your next adventure abroad a romantic getaway to one of the world’s most charming and enchanting vacation locations? There are so many beautiful destinations, but these spots are guaranteed to give you one of the best couples’ getaways ever.


1. Venice – Italy

Take a romantic Gondola ride for two in Venice- Romantic GetawayThere’s truly a no more romantic place on earth! With so many activities for two in Venice, from dining in one of the many picturesque cafes, to dancing to the music of street artists in the breathtaking main squares- you’ll be spoilt for choice. So, share a glass of wine and take a gondola ride for two around this enchanting renaissance city.

2.  Riviera Maya – Mexico

Enjoy the sounds of the crashing waves in Riviera Maya- Romantic GetawayMexico’s stunning Riviera Maya is the perfect sun-kissed beach destination to enjoy beautiful beaches, quiet moments, and breathtaking nature. Sit outside your beach bungalow under the stars, listening to the waves lapping against the shore. In Tulum you can enjoy endless activities perfect for two, like salsa classes, scuba diving and snorkelling the second biggest coral reef in the world!

3. Buenos Aires – Argentina

Dance the night away in Buenos Aires- Romantic GetawayVenture to Argentina to wander the charming colonial streets of the sultry capital. The city has a wide variety of cultural offerings with theatres, incredible parks, outdoor festivals, an incredible diversity of cuisine and world-class museums. Feel the heat of passion with a couple’s tango lesson and split a bottle of wine in a sidewalk cafe for the perfect night out.

4. Rishikesh – India

Get spiritual with your partner in Rishikesh- Romantic GetawayFor those couples with matching Birkenstocks and and reusable thermos full of Kombucha, might we suggest a getaway to the enchanting and spiritual town of Rishikesh, the ‘Yoga Capital of the World’. Immerse yourself in rich Himalayan culture, take yoga classes and visit the beautiful surroundings of the city, situated on the banks of the sacred Ganges


5. Mount Kenya – Kenya

Take a climb up Mount Kenya- Romantic Getaway

If you are nature lovers, discover the slopes of Kenya’s highest mountain, Mount Kenya, legendary home of Ngai, the God of the Kikuyu people. Hike via the scenic Sirimon Route to Point Lenana, the “trekkers’ summit”, to experience a stunning sunrise over Africa’s second highest peak.


6. Greek Islands – Greece

Take your partner to one of the earth’s most enchanting getaways in the famously romantic Greek Islands. See the white-washed walls and iconic blue domes of Santorini, lay back on the warm sand of Ios, or lose yourself in the natural beauty and exotic nightlife of Mykonos- an island that’s also famously welcoming to same-sex couples.

7. Bahamas

Romantic Getaway to the Bahamas

Take an intimate cruise from Miami to the white-sand beaches, palm tree skyline, and luxurious resorts of Grand Bahama. Dine on fresh seafood, play in the warm Caribbean waters, and enjoy each other’s company in this tropical paradise where winter doesn’t exist.

What’s your favourite romantic spot? Let us know in the comments below!