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Our Top Safari Accommodation Options

If you’ve always wanted to get in touch with nature and experience the excitement of staying in the wild with some of the world’s most unique and beautiful animals roaming close by, you’ve come to the right place. But, it can be tough to choose from the wide range of lodging options when going on a Safari. In order to help, we have considered the three main accommodation categories for our Safari trips. You can find them listed below.

For more specific accommodation details on each Safari package, please look on our website. Besides, make sure you check out our guide on what you should and shouldn’t do on an African Safari. 


This is the perfect option for budget travellers. You can keep costs down while still experiencing the African wilderness firsthand!

Tent Camping:
Pitch your own tent at a campsite with shared toilets and showers. You can either bring your own sleeping bag or rent one locally.

Permanent Camp: 
Occasionally, you will stay in permanent tents with beds and mosquito nets.

Budget Hotel:
On certain tours you will sleep in budget hotel rooms, offering a simple yet more comfortable stay.


This option is ideal for Safari travellers looking for more comfort as well as more amenities compared to a budget camping experience.

Traditional Lodge:
Experience a Safari in the comfort of African lodges with ensuite bathrooms, quality service and great meals. Some lodges offer incredible views overlooking the national parks and if you’re lucky, the lodges may even have a refreshing pool.

Tented Lodge:
These permanent, tented lodges often come with an ensuite bathroom and a cosy bed. There are more amenities than a regular camping tent and there is no need for a sleeping bag!


On certain Safaris, you will have the possibility of choosing for this much more luxurious accommodation category.

Traditional Lodge:
Revel in the comfort of cosy African lodges with ensuite bathrooms, high-quality service and typical meals.

In addition, lodges offer spectacular views and may include a swimming pool.

Therefore, everything you need for a very comfortable stay is provided. 

Tented Lodge: 
Enjoy the comforts of a luxury tent with amenities such as an ensuite bathroom and, sometimes, even air conditioning. Trade in your sleeping bag for a cosy bed while still experiencing the authenticity of Safari camping.


The Bamba interactive Safaris allow those willing to get the most out of their Safari trip to experience an authentic day in the life of the local Maasai people. Such a once-in-a-lifetime cultural connection is something that you won’t find on any normal Safari!

Enjoy a One-on-One Interaction
as you share a meal with the community, and dance and sing with the elders and chief Maasai of the village.

Experience Local Community Life
as Maasai children herd livestock and
women milk the cows, collect wood
and water, and cook for their families.

Take a Nature Walk with a local Maasai villager to learn about the endemic medicinal herbs used by
the local people.

Sleep in a Manyatta*, a traditional
Maasai hand-built house made of
mud, sticks, grass and cow dung, equipped with comfortable
cots inside.

*Subject to availability

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